Friday, October 23, 2009

Caring,sharing, every little thing that we are wearing...

These are two of my most talented blogging "sisters". I am saying this not because they both nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger award at the same time, but I was very honored by the fact that both of their blogs are ones that I admire.
Here they are: Ruth from "The Beautiful Life" on the left and Jermaine from "French-Kissed" on the right. Or is it the other way around?????

So, this award asks its nominees to reveal 7 things about themselves that readers don't already know. To some it will be like Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize...OOPs! Did I get political??Don't worry my political affiliations are like Switzerland......Below I will reveal, in no particular order, my kids.......

Mick, My "Blue Dog" Heeler. He is a Gem..

Mattie the Border Collie Protector of all things at the abode with Murphy in the background. See the look on his face? He has done SOMETHING. He is denying it already.

This is how he looks when he doesn't want you to know what he's done. They are all rescue dogs
I don't know if we rescued them or the other way around but this character thinks he is "Entitled". And he is stinky. Even after a bath.

The ever Regal, Maize, tester of all things just washed. A Princess. We call her the amazing Maize Maizer. Also a rescue cat.

This is the bane of my existance, our Parrot "Mojito"
He can be like Dr Jeckyll or Mr Hyde. But he is the best at saying things you don't know he's listening to. Like "You know what???" And you answer him "NO WHAT"? He answers " crap".
Wonder where he heard that???? This is a creature we PAID for!!! AND we're getting more crap from him than anyone!!!

My Husband Peter (Robespierre) bakes fabulous tarts. This is a Fig and Pecan tart he surprised me with......Note the presentation.....

I also love to cook. I ran the cooking school at the one of the Williams Sonoma stores in Southern California when it wasn't so huge. I also had some formal training at Orange Coast College. Peter is the baker. He is patient. I like more immediate gratification.

Here is a toast for the two lovely ladies that "got what I do" and for all the bloggers that support each other.
I run a business so I try to keep up with all the new blogs but I am nominating the ones I am familiar with, so what if some have been nominated before.....Maybe we'll find out more...
Terry Symington of the Countrypolitan a talented and professional designer.
Leigh Chandler of Papillion Linens who makes fabulous product and has great taste.
Ann Williams of Hill Country House she is so sweet and encouraging.
Annie Sitton of The Bunny Bungalow a great photographer and art lover.
Michelle of Petit Coterie who works like a dog launching her new business.
LeeAnn of Fabulously French who makes us look forward to Friday Flowers.
Geneva Smith who is totally a right winger politico not into interior design but is a hysterical writer. I don't necessarily agree with all she writes but it is riot....She is The Mayor of Chappell Hill Blog. (a village respecting chickens)


  1. Maryanne,
    Thank you for the great award. The Bunny Bungalow and I will wear it with pride.

  2. Maryanne, I had the best laugh reading your list! The biggest laugh came as I read about Mojito! Funny!!

    And so your husband is now officially known to me as The King Of Tarts -- sorry, it just stuck when I read about that beautiful tart! :)

    So wonderful getting to know these bits about you!!



  3. Maryanne, you are so sweet and kind to present this award to me, in spite that I have not been able to spend the time on my blog that I would like to. Thank you!

  4. And if I needed further proof of why you deserve a creativity award ~ here you have it. What an entertaining post and always fun to see a different side albeit an equally creative side. Thanks for showing Ruth and I in the blue costumes. It really is "our" color! Hope you have a chance to catch your breath this weekend after such a hectic week.

  5. the doggies are soo cute!!!!!

    crap - love that! sounds like someone?
    hey - I have two left gloves or is it two right ones?

  6. What a thrill for me to have found you. Your blog is wonderful.

    Confession: I'm heavily into fashion, design and all that, but when I saw "Mick" I knew I would love your blog. I'd rather have a dog than a blog, preferably more than one.

    But I still think your blog is terrific.

    Warm regards,

  7. Oops...forgot to leave a comment yesterday...I was in too much of a hurry to visit Petit Coterie to do a little shopping. Love that you have a Robespiere of your own...and a baking one at that. Congratulations, Trish

  8. Maryanne, congrats on the awards - you so deserve them! And how fun to get to know you better. Your kids are adorable - whether they are up to something or not! Happy week! OX Monika.

  9. Hi Maryanne,
    I was just browsing through looking at different blogs, and when I got to yours I was looking at your post and saw this wonderful bird. When I was reading about what you have said about him I was laughing because I can relate. I have eleven birds that I have to put up with. Ha Ha Actually I love them all very much and they all have different personalities and different likings to food. Some have the same kind of split personality like your Mojito. But one in particular we call him Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde. He's name is Bud and he growls at night and we tell everybody he gets the Night Time Nasties. Anyways I enjoyed reading about him and I had to let you know about my Sweet Birdies. Tee hee

    Have a Wonderful Day-

  10. I had to come back by and see all your creatures again. I don't see how you have time for all of them with everything else you do!

    That fig and pecan tart looks so good! I'll take mine with a huge dollop of fresh cream...

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