Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Arte Pura, The Grey Bed

I had ordered in this gorgeous bedspread, the Narciso, 8 weeks earlier. We got all the pillows but the bedspread came in a week later.......Christmas week. We were very excited. Shown in the Gesso Old color with the brushed cotton volante. The top is a buttery soft cotton velvet embroidered with chenille "Cornely " roses... A stunner.....Reversible...Washable.....
Oh and did I mention the bed itself has finishes that coordinate with the linens????? This is the French Gray.

This was the other stunner, the what Robes named the "Bustier" pillow. This went to a client's home I missed it when it went to it's proper home. There is a plain envelope of linen then the Bustier buttons and ties around it, a second piece. Embellished with more "Cornely" roses of rolled pieces of linen sewn with....

Swarovski Crystal...... OMG.!....I am not a bling person and neither was the client that bought this, as it wasn't clear from the pictures of it that there was any........ But she LOVED it...Don't worry I ordered more for the shop. Pictured here in the Angelo Old color, looks like seaglass or bleached blue jeans.......

Lovin the mix of the velvet, linen, lace, cotton, organza...

Shown here with the neckroll in linen and lace and a Brahms Mount Starry Nights Blanket in white. The bed itself is the luxe version, also available with a footboard. We will be seeing the NEW, new introductions of Arte Pura on the 21st in Paris. I can't wait....


  1. Just love that mix of textures in the fabrics. Beautiful!

  2. Simply gorgeous! Love the it all!

  3. This collections is gorgeous . Love all the details , it is so delicate

  4. Will we ever tire of gray? Can't imagine. It's just gorgeous. Love that bustier pillow. Happy New Year! Happy 21st (in Paris!), XO Trish

  5. Delicious combinations of textures in these fabulous linens!!

    Art by Karena

  6. maryanne, thanks so much for your kind comment. I really appreciate your thinking of me...

    those linens are absolutely wonderful. such finery!

    I am so tickled to be back for a visit and look forward to a fun return to blogging!

    happy new year, M., and thanks again! donna

  7. The mix of tones and textures here is simply sumptuous - exactly the kind of bed to dream of sinking into and the bustier pillow - my goodness, it is fabulous! I'm not big on bling either but this sprinkling gives them the cover a really 'ethereal' feel :-)

    So pleased to stumble across your blog - I fear I'll become a frequent visitor! Happy New Year from across the pond!

    Jem xXx

  8. Thanks to all of you and Welcome Jem! Yup that Bustier rocks!!!!!!!It is amazing, as well as the one with the organza wrapped around the linen, talk about ethereal!!!

  9. Hi Maryanne,

    Love the beautiful bedlinen and it looks fabulous in the grey colour.
    Happy week


  10. What a gorgeous bed! Excellent addition to your shop.

  11. Beautiful linens! Nice to find you here in the blog world. I'm just down the road in The Woodlands. My mother-in-law used to live in Brenham. The bluebonnets there are spectacular!

  12. Oh my goodness! I have never seen anything so
    beautiful for a bed. Could a bed linen make
    your heart beat faster? Mine just did. You
    always have the most amazing things! Thank
    you for sharing!

    Flora Doora

  13. we are talking 'LUSCIOUS' here aren't we??

    love it xxx

  14. I just came across your blog, and your insights into home improvement, DIY projects, and overall design are very interesting. Your article about your new bedspread was especially interesting. I really liked your comments on the detail in the linen and the subtle touches of gray that make this comforter/bed set a dream. I am adding you to my favorites. Since you and your readers have a flair for interior decorating and interest in design, we thought you would especially be interested in our custom window coverings. Heritage Window Coverings is located in Huntington Beach, CA and we have a wide selection of treatments to complement any home’s interior design! Any feedback would be appreciated as well. As a special thanks to you and your readers, I would like to offer a 20% off coupon using this code upon checkout: BLG20. Have fun in Paris!

  15. This bedding is beautiful! I won't be in Paris this month; instead, I'll be home keeping an eye on my kitchen remodeling project. But I'll be thinking of you! Post lots of pictures!

  16. Thank you Elise,for your kind words but offering deals on window treatments on this site is not in the best of taste.....I, too, offer window treatments as does Rebecca Grace and numerous people on my blog list.They are not soliciting here......Maryanne