Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Arte Pura! Wear Your Jammies Out!

One thing is for sure, you will never be dissappointed with the artistic presentation of the Arte Pura Italian Linens at Maison et Object in Paris. I fell in love with this mannequin. It has passementerie on the top, plaster is applied on the body over fabric, then the bottom is wrapped with an organza like fabric with Italian writing on it no less.

This is the Carte Colore or Color Card with all the choices you have for Bedding, Tabletop, Bath and THESE!!!!!!!!

Hello. Did I mention they make incredible Dreamwear????????? Well they do. Look at the buttons and the lace on this. This is the Baleari in the Polevere Old ( a light beige with a hint of pink) the collar is ruched, too.
We bought pajamas by mistake the first time we bought the line.... Robes wanted a linen shirt...Well, not speaking any Italian, we ordered Pajamas Completo by mistake and got a pajama ensemble the top of which is shown below.

Here in one of their two new colors,( it looks like light butterscotch...)is the top of the Maddelena pajamas. And the first Arte Pura we ever sold in this very home design oriented shop was, you guessed it, PAJAMAS COMPLETO!!!! One customer got four of these in four different colors and mixes it all up.... She bought a Lava Grey one and wore to the opening of the Santa Fe Opera!!!!!!!Adorned herself with Silver jewelry.......How cool is that???

It seems no one is wearing these to bed. The tulle lace on the bottom is a trim choice also on the bedding, bath, and tabletop. This is the other new color it looks like peach ice cream. The piece is Mykonos. The ruched sleeves have cashmere.....

Here is the Maldive.... Bell sleeves with the cornely roses. I can see this with capri length leggings, or just the bottom of the Maddelena pajama set. Yawn, I think I'll put this one on and just sit around......

And watch my tulle wrapped candles flicker in the dark......


  1. Love those candles. Were they from them too? How is it done? I just adore tuille. Fiona

  2. Hi Fiona!
    They had them there and are thinking about carrying them. These are prototypes. I think they rock!!!!!And they are about 7" square so they are a pretty good size......MA;)

  3. Hi Maryanne,

    These pyjamas would be good enough to wear out and about ~ they are gorgeous.
    I also love the mannequin and the candles.

    Happy Wednesday

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  5. lovely! love that top and yes, I would wear it out!
    those candles are divine.

  6. Gasp! I'm in LOVE! Dreamwear is exactly the right name for pajamas like these, but I don't think I could bring myself to wear them to bed, either. Although, since I've been known to drive my kids to school in my pajamas on more than one occasion (I don't have to get out of the car in the carpool drop off line!), these Arte Pura PJs would certainly kick my early morning style up a notch!

  7. I think I'd wear these out too, they have such a spring/summer feel to them...so pretty!
    Thank you for the visit and the follow...such a nice surprise!
    xo J~

  8. they are perfect for ogunquit maine.
    generally i wore baggy linen tops and pants with sandals or sneaks.
    only i slept in them {i lived all day in them} and then literally would just roll out of bed, brush my teeth and would walk to get my cafe and croissant
    this would work...
    only they would bring things up a notch fo me.

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