Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gladiola Guacamole?

Doesn't this look good???? It comes from our local unsupermarket. Their guacamole is delicious.
When I don't have time to make my own I pick it up there.

Paired up with some chips and some Pico de Gallo, Yum!
Oh, and a little shot of tequlia.  The guacamole evidently is made ...

HERE.  Yup, the floral department. 

Those florists must be busy making bouquets and whipping up vats of guacamole.  Are FLOWERS the secret ingredient? Are they putting gladioli in the guac? 

Why do I call it the unsupermarket???? Because ours here is an abbreviated version of
what they have in Houston and Austin.  No Raddichio, no Frisee, no taqueria in the store,
no European bakery, no giant cheese department, no gelato, no take out department serving up gourmet style meals to take home, no sushi bar.  YES! Let me tell you about MY H-E-B!
In Houston they have Central Market (same company ) the upscale version of H-E-B where they have all these things.
 New H-E-B stores are incorporating a lot of these features.
I love the people there, but should living in a small town mean we have to drive 50 miles to the nearest one to get a store that suits our needs?
 The other alternative is Wal Mart and don't even get me started on that. 
No, the H-E-B brass needs to build a new store.  Give their wonderful employees and customers a beautiful new place to work and shop.  HERE, in Brenham, Texas.

One big Houston company just built a huge wine/liquor store... Specs. It is across the street from my unsupermarket. Lots of selection, fabulous prices.

The Day Spec's opened, there appeared at MY H-E-B, a sea of yellow sale tags in the wine aisle...
 Over half it looks like to me...They are still there.

So, have we been paying too much for all of these items BEFORE the competition arrived??????
I wonder.....Thanks for listening to my rant... Maybe they'll hear....
I'd also love a Trader Joe's, thank you very much.;)


  1. A long way!!!!!Love them!
    That's hysterical!!!!!;Maryanne

  2. I feel your pain every time I visit my family in the far reaches of Texas. The last time I returned home I was so crazy to get a salad with something other than iceberg lettuce that I had salad for breakfast!


  3. Trader Joe's is coming to Texas...looking at Dallas first I believe.

  4. The new store is amazing. Everyone I know relishes every shopping trip. The amenities and new additions is exactly what Brenham needed. The employees at HEB are the best in town.

    1. This blog was done way before the new store was begun., I agree MUCH better, but seriously their home made guacamole is delicious but if you look at the expiration date it lasts one day. I have bought it several times and the second day it is "fizzy" in your mouth, not consumable. The expiration dates are usually the next day.......I would think at those prices it would last a little longer. When I make it fresh it does. I'll still buy it but have to eat it that day.