Sunday, November 6, 2011

Segreto "Secret" in Italiano

The "SECRET" is out!  And in the form of a hot new and gorgeous book that would beautifully grace any surface in your home.

Entitled "Segreto", Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors by Leslie Sinclair, owner of Segreto Finishes in Houston, the book is available online through Amazon. 

In the book, there are samples of finishes as well as rooms Leslie's talented team have transformed.

While the mural like depictions are beautiful, I love the lime washes, and the way they 

use plaster, paint, and glazes to make a home look like Tuscany or like Provence.  I find myself going through the pages just staring at the nuances "blank" walls.....

Ceilings are no exception, enhancing chandeliers and treating ceilings like "another wall" brings impact to these rooms. It is obvious why she and her expert team is in demand, not only for Houston designers,but builders and
those who want to add impactive depth to the surfaces of their homes. 
Her reach is growing beyond Houston as well.  Leslie is now collaborating with the New York designer Celerie Kemble.

I left the lines in the pictures so you can see how they are depicted in the book... The book is a generous size too, showing plenty of detail....
I like the fact that it not only showcases Leslie's talents but an array of designers and their styles as well.

I love what she does with the glazes on kitchen cabinets..... Segreto would make a fabulous xmas gift for those that like design....We are carrying the book here at Beadboard......By the way she has her own personal art in galleries in the Houston Area.  Why have the talent stop at walls????? 
To investigate further, you can check out her website and blog
OR catch her interview on The Skirted Roundtable now.


  1. These are truly lovely! Thanks so much for sharing,

  2. She does beautiful work. Thank you for sharing.

  3. This is just amazing, Maryanne – what a fabulous book and incredible work. And speaking of that, your shop is marvelous! I shall have to come and visit!! xo – g

  4. This looks great -- I just ordered my copy of the book. There's so much lousy faux work out there that I really need good visuals to reassure clients that the decorative painting I want them to do is going to be worth the investment. Thanks for sharing this resource!

  5. Amazing work; the talent in people constantly surprises me. Does she do house-calls to the U.K.?!!

    Leslie's book would be a fun read and looking forward to taking a peek at her blog.

    Maryanne, hope all is well this week and the pitter patter of wee-Christmas Elves are heard as they are lining up @ your door?

    Much love to you & Robes xx

  6. OMG what a fabuloso book Maryanne!! thanks for the tip off..wish I could dash into Beadboard UC and grab a copy!



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