Thursday, December 15, 2011

Arte Pura Pajama xmas......NO PLAID HERE!

I am not one for wearing xmas ensembles... No sweaters with trees, no earrings with giftboxes on them.  And I'm not being all Scroogey.  BUT.......I wouldn't mind opening a gift or two in this.
THIS floats my boat.  From the new Collection that has just started trickling in
This is Felpa. The puffy collar on this makes me Happy Happy. Oh and NO ONE IS WEARING THESE  TO BED EITHER!!!!!!!!

We just got this in the shop.  In the Grey Lilac Color called Fata Old.
Ruching in the front with tulle details on the cuffs. Palmaria. You have to enlage this picture to see the look at the woman in the back, who is LOVIN this top......I took all of these pictures at market in Sept., so lighting was a challenge.

Tops and bottoms sold seperately bottoms are cotton low rise with pockets in the back and belt loops....
This is Bergegi.

Casletta blazer.... I'm definitely thinking jeans with this.... Squares of tulle over cotton.

This is a favorite the Cheradi..... With the crochet lace from the bedding, table top, and bath collections in the front.  One thing in common with all these pieces.  FABULOUS buttons!!!!!!!

This is already a hot  seller.  The Lunga. there are pearl on the cufffs along with the laces......
Frosted buttons and two of teacups.
This is Trezze, with the geometric quilted organza.......

Actually any of these can be night AND day wear.  Love the detail on this The ELBA.

The Camicia Front.

The Camicia Back.  To the left is the back of the ELBA.  
I love it when you look just as good coming as you do going.

This is Piana.....All the ruching......Detail on the sides.   Remember all are available in 32 luscious colors.

I don't know about you, but even though these wouldn't be in BY xmas,
 I would love having one of these to wear later.  Oh and I am by the way.  If you are "Piqued"
contact us at for particulars.  We will be glad to fill you in.


  1. Maryanne-
    These pieces are gorgeous, and no, I wouldn't waste these "pajamas" while sleeping Wow.
    Hope that thou are having a nice week.

  2. i can't stand it.
    i want i want i want!!!!

  3. i have got to say....
    this line would fly off the shelves in
    boca raton!!!!

    great buying on your part.
    you genius!!

    zz....oh i meant XXX

  4. can't stand it too... wonderful pieces!

    Happy weekend

  5. These are beautiful! Leave it to the Italians to glamorize pajamas!

  6. pretty! i love simple soft shades of pearly gray and cream at the holidays....and all year too.
    loved your gift b'fast basket. how fun.
    hmm. bacon!!

  7. Hello Maryanne ~ I think you will seriously have great trouble keeping any of these in stock. All of Texas and beyond will be flocking to your marvelous shop. I'm thinking you'd look pretty swell in a Christmas sweater with LED lights and matching antler headband!! lol...

    Wishing you a Robes a marvellous holiday filled with a long rest, good wine, a scrumptious meal, and wonderful memories.

    Love, laughter and good wishes for the New Year my friend.

    xo Deb

  8. Dear Maryanne it was so wonderful to hear that Teri made it into your shop... I hope she bought a couple of these for moi! :) Thanks so much for your sweet message, and here's wishing for you the warmest and loveliest of holiday seasons!



  9. Following on twitter, google friend, bloglovin and signed up ;)
    This wearing xmas item is so perfect it is unreal! It's my personal favourite, the wearing xmas colour is so passionate and I just love the cut!