Saturday, March 10, 2012

The ART of Arte Pura

Anyone who reads this blog knows I am insanely crazy for this line of Italian linens.  This is now a dated word "bedspreads" Not here.....  Some of these beauties are like gowns, double as duvets, embellished as much or as little or as much as you want.    
 32 gorgeous colors and 10 trims make your bed so unique.....
Take the Majia (above for example.....)  It can be ordered 12 ways. If you have a pet that sleeps on the bed you can lose the center crochet, and have a trim added to the border as shown below.

Yes this is the same bedspread.... With the Elegant Lace trim and no crochet on the top.  There is a relaxed volante surrounding the whole spread and an extra layer of linen added for a duvet insert. This example adds the sparkle of Swarovski crystal......Oh, and both come with an extra layer of linen encased organza....... Totally washable.

This is the Atollo.... A Puckered Linen in the Arguilla Old color..... Very popular in Gray.
Pillows are enhanced with Italian writing or a crown on a white background
you choose from three colors.
This is Lido, a clean contemporary look..... with a linen border.....
The linen top is embroidered in a geometric circle motif.

This in Amaryllis a cotton velvet soft as butter embroidered with "Cornelly Roses" in Chenille...
 Totally reversible to a soft brushed cotton.......

I love this one.... Oasi. Linen encased in organza with roses and cotton jersey ruched ruffles all around with a linen volante on the bottom.
This is a personal favorite......Every spread has a coordinating deco pillow and some have coordinating curtains........This is one that does......

The lovely Zaffiro in the Incanto Old....... Linen with Organza embroidered with roses with a volante encased in organza.  Looks like it is encased in gossamer.....Very ethereal.

This is Sorgente Similar to Zaffiro but with an arabesque embroidery and a double volante surrounding the entire spread...... We have one in the shop in a pale peachy pink everyone calls it the Peach Souffle Bed.

Oh yes they make curtains...... Incredible curtains.........

We just got the ones in on the right.... I am not usually a tab top person but when there are big
pearls on the tabs it changes the whole look.
If you are coming up for Round Top Antiques Weeks we invite you in to see these marvelous examples
of Italian linen and workmanship..... The line is huge including table top, bath, day/dream wear no one is wearing to bed and robes and accessories....... OR we can email you the catalog so you can peruse the eye candy at your leisure.  Just email us at


  1. Oh, My. Goodness. You know that I am saving a big paycheck especially for these bed linens. I adore, Maryanne.

  2. wow

    this merchandise is so great.
    is that a hanging austrian styled curtain??

    love you!!xxx

  3. Yes it sure is and there are several styles.....She deeigns a curtain for almost each style of bed or trim...... They are amazing....Also her use of pearls, and crystal if people want it added makes is so unique....Some of my customers are opting for curtains in lieu of headboards for this reason.
    Thanks for noticing.

  4. Hi Maryanne, brings back memories of our visit to your lovely store when we visited Roundtop. Wishing I could attend this year, but am away then. We are planning another trip next spring with the same girls. You know how I love Arte Pura, still wear and adore my linen jammies which I wear OUT, they are so lovely. You have such a great eye, I can only imagine how gorgeous the line looks in your store.Can you post some of the linen clothing? N.xo

  5. Nella I will send you the latest and greatest, thanks for your appreciation of Arte Pura. We have gotten inquiries from Sweden, Ireland, Italy and France..............You and your delightful friends are welcome in our shop anytime xo Maryanne

  6. Hi,
    The Arte Pura line is amazing. I would love to have one of their bedding sets one day. It looks so luxurious.

  7. Wow!! Fabulous, Maryanne! I am redoing curtains and love the lace panels! Thanks again for stopping by. xo – g

  8. I really wish I hadn’t seen this as I really want one now!