Thursday, April 19, 2012

Juliska in Spring WOW!

Nothing says spring like a tulipiere filled with Spring bulb flowers.  This is new.
This is Juliska... Three parts that all fit together and you can use them individually.
Part of the Country Estate collection.  I think this is one of the prettiest things they ever did.

Casual or dressy, restaurant quality ceramics can be used every day........I Love the drink dispenser with the faucet....Only I would fill with pineapple and vodka.........

The new table linens are more whimsical and the diffferent styles mix beautifully.

Great for summer the bamboo..... shown here with their new heavier PRESSED GLASS, avaible in clear, green, amethyst and amber...... Oh by the way I am seeing a lot of amber glassware for spring mixed with turquoise, blue, bamboo...... No longer just a fall color.  It looks great with Lilac.....

More Bamboo serveware and amber.

LOVE this....... the mural like background with the Pewter, Country Estate, and Berry and Thread all together with green pressed glass.

The white Berry and Thread at it's most casual........All microwaveable, dishwasher safe, and the ceramic serving pieces are freezer to oven to 500degrees.  So Enjoy the spring with Juliska!!!!!!!
Everyday!   Available, of course at Beadboard.......;)  I'm going to see if that Vodka and Pineapple concoction is ready yet.........;) 

Oh and I am trying to find the name of the photographer who took these fabulous images. I will post soon as I find out.  This is the most beautiful catalog they have ever done........Agree???


  1. It is a beautiful catalog. I've been admiring the new Country Estate collection. The tulipiere is amazing. What a statement maker!

  2. Maryanne-
    Please funnel one this way if you fin it, lol!
    I LOVE the tulipiere! Gorgeous!

  3. Teresa, are you talking about the Pineapple Vodka????????? Just cut up the pineapple into chunks add the vodka in any big glass container and let set for about a day and a half. Instant VP martinis...... If you let it set too long the
    pineapple sucks up too much of the vodka.....I actullaly learned this the hard way.... Thought it was gone ate some of the icy cold chunks.....AND became a bit untidy......

  4. I LOVE bistro china!! I stayed next to a supplier in the 11th in Paris.
    But you always HAVE to buy at least a dozen of stuff!
    Where to put it?
    How to bring it home?
    gorgeous pics!!

  5. Tree words...Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous! Happy weekend. Mona

  6. I concur! Beautiful photos, love the backdrop of the table. These are beautiful collection. Most definitely, I would love to try the pineapple vodka, reading this is already making me thirsty! Have a great Sunday!


  7. Yes - gorgeous photos! Love the table linens!

  8. I LOVE the tulipiere - it would be lovely with a motley assortment of blooms snipped in the garden, too.

  9. The photos are gorgeous, very inspiring!

    Bon week-end a toi,

    Leeann x

  10. I love my Juliska Berry and Thread!
    Now I know where to buy more :)