Saturday, August 25, 2012

There are Throws......

And then there are throws by Arte Pura.

This the Visconte Throw by Arte Pura.  Size is incredible.

So is the detail.  Look at the stitching on this!  Organza over jersey in a geometric pattern with a little cashmere in the jersey (why not?)and..

A little mini ruffle separating the generous looped volante.
We ordered one for a customer and within 15 minutes after we unboxed it we had another order.........(we were checking it out, with her permission of course) I NEED one of these. Sigh......
32 colors......


  1. So scrumptious...I can just feel it. Thanks for stopping by today...hope things are great with you...XO, Mona

  2. OMG! How much are THESE!? I've been away most of the summer but just now trying to catch up on my faves!!!

  3. HI Mary Anne... these are beyond gorgeous!! and le prix?? :)



  4. 575.00 I have two on order.......They look incredible.... I am going to have tk get one if I can figure out how to keep the dogs off it....;)

  5. Mary Anne These are so luxurious and really incredibly designed. I would love to have one....will look at the colors.

    Thank you so much for stopping by to see me, it made my day!

    Art by Karena

  6. They are just fabulous and mind blowing white shade color and combination so pretty i am so impressive all are very incredibly designed. Nice your post blog and i will buy please say me price.