Saturday, November 24, 2012

Design, Dogs, France, Fashion, Paris, Food,Xmas, It's all here!!!!!

WHOA!  Some one has been a bad blogger!!!!!!!! Ok the shop excuse again, this time of year Busy,,,,. And Happy Belated Thanksgiving to everyone hanging in there with me............I would like to introduce you to two the coolest books of the season.......

First up, a book by Dallas Designer Betty Lou Phillips and Roblyn Herndon with fab illustrations by Sheryl Dickert. It is presented in the genre of "The Night Before Christmas" Poem But with a twist Francophiles
will love. 

Mrs Claus, who is portrayed here as quite a number, sets off for Paris for fashion week in Sept.....Vows to come back soon....OOPS!
Santa has to go get her......... No more, don't want to give away the PLOT but when he finds her it involves macaroons.

THIS I LOVE!!!!!!  DogTrots Globe, written by Chula, a sheltie as barked to her owner Sheron Long.  Chula travels to the south of France first by plane and then to ST Remy in the south by TGV.
(She gets her own train ticket)

Chula enjoys going to the markets........

Getting treats under the tables with other dogs..........

Cooling off in a fountain..........Maybe we could do a bit bigger guys?

That's more like it!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoying the Lavender ........

In Chula's words: "Boy after a day like that, it is nice to relax at my temporary Mas or farmhouse to wind down sit underneath the table ( my "table cave")and have a few bites slipped to me of whatever is being served that evening." In a few days Paris and more adventures there. AND a surprise for you Beadboard readers and customers....
Copies bought from here are 19.95 same as Amazon  and the other book 9.99 same as Amazon....... BUT...... Chula and Sheron's copys are not only Autographed by Sheron but Pawtographed by
Miss Chula Wula D'Augue herself!!!!!!

If you want to take your pup to France all the information you need in in there too..........
More to come on new happenings, Arte Pura new intros and changes around here!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ma and Robes.


  1. Aww...Chula is so beautiful, and the book is fabulous. I can't get enough of the illustrations.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Hi Teresa!
    Yeah, you are right on the money the illustrations are adorable..... Ilike the one with the thre dogs reading the book on"Under the Table Manners".....

  3. Chula is too too cute Mary Ann! Both books look wonderful!

    Art by Karena

  4. Both books look like something I just have to have!! So adorable.
    Tres Bien!

  5. Just found your blog through Teresa...Splendid Sass.... What a cute book and dog...never thought about bringing my dog with me to France....

  6. Love Dog Trots Globe! Have to get it! Merry Christmas!! XO