Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Flowers from Paris for Geneva

My friend Geneva is awaiting a liver transplant and cannot have flowers in her room
in ICU.  These were bought in Paris in Januarys past. I imagine how they would
perk up her room so I am sending them this way.
All of these flowers were purchased in January in Paris in recent years.
Some came from Frederic Garrigues in the 4th and some from Patrick Alain on Ile St Louis.
She deserves the best ones.
These Hyacynths have the fragrance of spring......Even though it was cold and dreary outside.
Love this........Freceric Garrigues Shop
They seem to perk up any room. This from Patrick Alain.
So get better Geneva, hang in there, our thoughts and prayers are with you and David and your family......xo Maryanne and Robes


  1. Hi Mary Anne,

    You have brightened my day tremendously with your gorgeous florals!

    2012 Artists Series

  2. So sweet of you both to think about Geneva and to offer her these digital flowers!!

  3. Dear Maryanne, what a sweet and thoughtful friend you are! I hope Geneva will fully recover soon! N.xo

  4. The flowers look beautiful and can win anyone heart. Wish your friend a speedy recovery.