Friday, November 6, 2009

Fall At Beadboard, Spanish Dubloons?

Fall at Beadboard isn't very conventional. I love bringing in the colors of autumn but with an UpCountry tweak... This is a small cylindrical "Spore vase" by Maureen Welton showing mandarin orange diamond drops in the water with the fresh roses. The diamond drops give the water a 3D effect. Some float, some sink, and some just hang suspended in the water.

Maureen's company also makes the glass pumpkins...Also the French bottle carriers are great. You know the real ones had candle holders like the one pictured here. How else do you think they could pick out six bottles of wine in a DARK cellar????

My fall bed up front. I was inspired by one of the rooms at the Villa Gallici. The mix of the ecru mattelasse and white linen pillows with the toile and the feedsack pillows look Euro-Cozy. Bed by Peacock Alley, Papillon Linens and Petit Coterie. All washable...of course.

One of our signature chairs with an industrial table. The tabletop is an old elevator grate.

More fall.......

Faux Sunflower bundles, I cut up a Nicaraguan coffee bean bag and wrapped with 4" double faced Swiss satin ribbon......

We had an invasion of Parisian Pigeons.....They seem to like the Sondra Roberts evening bags...

They also like the Pewter Taverna spoon by Arte as well......(probably because there is a bird on the handle!)

We carry these mirrors all the time in different sizes . They are vintage ceiling tiles. Just beautiful. We try to carry the creamy white colors. Look at the table with the lavender toiletries reflected in the mirror.

We have great customers.....One of them saw this pendant on the right by Obsidian. It is a faux Dubloon with a piece of Jasper set in silver. She told us this Dubloon really looked like the real thing. She knew what she was talking about because she brought her real one in to show us and it was gorgeous!!! She had to get it out of the vault! Everyone was looking and admiring....She bought the one on the right for her daughter.....


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your fabulous shop. You have great style and it's reflected in the items you choose to carry. This virtual visit leaves me wishing you were located near me!


  2. Beautiful, as always. Wish I could just pop on over tomorrow to shop! Love the way you wrapped the sunflowers!

  3. I had a Dubloon ring made out of all my old gold that was sitting in a drawer. Thus your post caught my attention. I get more compliments on that ring than anything I have ever owned. It is so heavy I have to wear a second ring to hold it on, otherwise when I talk with my hands it would go flying through the air and hurt somebody.
    I love the sunflowers and just bought some burlap pillow cases from a thrift store so thanks for that idea, I will somehow incorporate that in my Christmas decor. Only seven weeks, and here I sit blogging... I enjoyed my visit.

  4. Your fall is just spectacularunflowers, paris pigeons, orange roses.

    What great finds you have!!

  5. Gorgeous displays! I would so love to work in your shop! Beautiful things always make visual merchandising such a pleasure!

  6. Well, how lovely! Thank you for opening the door to your nice store. You have good taste, girlie! And I would be a regular had I lived closer. The vase is the thing I keep coming back to. A classic, simple vase that works in any setting. What are the dimensions? And the industrial table is fun too!

    Happy week! OX Monika

  7. You really have a very good taste! I love all these! Especially the pewter taverna spoon! Gorgeous!!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my post the other day!

  8. Your shop looks just the sunflowers wrapped in the burlap...neat idea! I'm having fun looking at your think I will follow! Hope you have an awesome week!


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