Sunday, November 29, 2009

Top Ten Things I don't want under my tree....

I know it's important to convey your desires in the xmas season to those who may want to acknowledge you with a gift for xmas. That being said, it seems it may also be important to acknowledge those THINGS you DO NOT WANT. Herewith, for your amusement my personal list of things Santa can keep in the sleigh.

I am not doing many pictures with this because I don't even want to SEE these things.

I don't want a CLAPPER. I'm just not there yet. Give me a little chandelier instead.

I don't want anything REGIFTED. Why would I want a gift the original recipient didn't want in the first place???? EEEEEWWWWW! Bad Form!

I don't want anything you wouldn't give me any other time of year. Like one of those silk pillows you put over your eyes with millet seeds in them... You bet I use one of THOSE daily.....

I don't want anything that comes from a chain drugstore except for the product in which they specialize, like I wouldn't mind a gift box full of Aleve or heartburn medicine..( although those stuffed animals that you press the button on their foot who dance are sometimes amusing.)

Don't give me anything that wets, poops, or bites. There is no room at the inn!

(Ok, maybe for one more... I am a spineless wonder)

I don't want a trick bed. I just want one that feels good and you can get a good nights sleep in it. Period. I don't want to dial my bed, make it go up and down, or balance a glass of wine on it while someone jumps up and down on the other side.

I don't want anything that is FAKE FRENCH. There's been enough of that stuff.....Give me the real thing.......

Oh and please don't give me anything made out of Styrofoam!!!!! Do your bit and save the environment. I won't use it anyway!!!!!!!

And please God, no way, never, not one of these!!!!!

Not until they figure out a way to make these things grow cold hard cash!!!!!!!
How bout all of you ???? You have any gifts you really hate?? Come on lets hear!!!!!
Next up the ten things I would love to get as gifts with Pictures>>>>>>
I need to add a big #11 to this: Ruth at The Beautiful Life commented that she didn't want a "Snugglie". ME EITHER!!!!!! I don't need to sit on my sofa dressed like a monk.... This is going to be funny!


  1. OH HOW I LOVE THIS POST!!! Dying laughing here! Our "Please, no, not one of THOSE" lists would totally match!! :)

    As for me... well the first thing that came to mind was one of those "Snuggli's" or whatever they're called -- the things they advertise on TV that look like a huge monk's robe -- a blanket with sleeves... Yeah... please NOT one of those... ;)

    You did a great post here!!! :)

    Can't wait to see what little-old-you DOES want to see under her tree!! This is gonna be good... :)



  2. OMG! I KNEW I forgot something!!!!! Those snugglies thing are on my list too!!!!They come is such wonderful colors. I am going to go on there and add as a PS!!!!!!!!

  3. Darn-Ruth beat me to it. The Snuggie is #1. on my never never list. Just hope my kids don't have other ideas for me. It looks like it is a big seller.


  4. This is a funny post!! I don't want a "Snuggie" either (Did you know you can get one in Cheetah)and did you know that it has an evil twin called a "Slanket". I want no part of either one!

  5. EEEGAD Lisa!!!!!
    A "SLANKET??????You are hysterical.....In Cheetah? They would have done better in ZEBRA...I should have just done this on the snuggie..........HAHA Thanks!

  6. I know, I'm over commenting on MY blog, but something just occurred to me is a SLANKET a blanket for Slackers?????

  7. I dunno...I think you would look smashing in your snugli...or even a slanket...sitting up on your dial a bed...turning on the TV and lights with the clapper. You, of course would need a **ShamWOW** next to you just incase the glass of wine spilt while someone was jumping on the other side of your bed.

    Beautiful scenario.

  8. Hey Linda!
    You forgot my Chia Pet perkily perched on the nighttable.......HEHE

  9. This is hilarious. LOL funny. I didn't even know what that plant/animal thing was. Who invented that? Who buys them?

    At the moment I can't think of anything I want or don't want, although I agree if that hybrid up there grew money that would be a thoughtful gift.


  10. I got a neck massager a couple of years ago that has these little roller bars that grates against my vertebrae and just kills my neck... I was going to re-gift it to you Maryanne... but never mind!

  11. My Dear Terri,
    Keep it!!!!! I've seen those things, it looks like an Abacus....OR maybe we can put it together with with the silk eye pillow and give it to someone with no taste.....Man I'm rotten.....

  12. Hy Maryanne, I totally agree with you!!! and I would add no inciense please, I only use one and it is Nagchampa... oh, and only old english or frech or german tea cups...
    Muchos cariños
    Maria Cecilia

  13. This is a great post...Smiling as I write...xv

  14. Great post and yes, no regifted presents.
    I hope that there are some lovely gifts for you, under the tree this year.


  15. Oh, you crack me up -- especially with the "no fake French stuff." I felt the same way in Paris last year, as other ladies in our group were shopping for "souvenirs" like little Eiffel Tower statues stamped "fabrique en Chine" on the bottom. This is why, after drinking a healthy amount of French Bordeaux, I found myself a genuinely French tattoo parlor and got myself un tatuage de la Tour Eiffel, drawn by a genuine Parisian artist who didn't speak a word of English (thank God for the bartender from our hotel who came with me and helped with my language barrier or who knows what I might have ended up with!). Fabrique en France! :-)