Monday, March 29, 2010

They're Back!!!!!!!!!! Bluebonnets, Round Top, and Antiques!!!

Here we go again!!!!!!Gorgeous weather, great wildflowers, and The Round Top Antiques Fair!!!!
Ok everybody has been asking....... We will be open 10 AM til 8? or later....Through Friday.
Sat 10 til 6PM.. Sunday, Rehab.........

Where have I been????? France???? Not this time, BLUE HILLS in Round Top, Texas. Here are some of the French
offerings at the first tent on the right......

It is sunny, dry, and a great day for poking through Great STUFF!

The great thing about antiqueing in this area of Texas in the spring is you can get ANYTHING while in jeans, sipping a Shiner Bock Beer, and eating great Bar-B-Que. While driving in you see stunningly beautiful fields of yellow, red( indian paintbrush) pink and of course our state Fleur the bluebonnet....

485$ Not bad ! All the original knobs, I thought this was sweet.....

For the Francophile, Heaven.

Darling armoire......

This reminds me of Miss Trouvais..... She would fill it with a derriere load of lavender...

Confit pots.. I love these.....

My shopping partner fell in love with the industrial table in the front...(it's hers now) Very popular. Going in a guest cottage out here in the country as a coffee table.
By the way what are those guys drinking??????They don't look like they are having fun do they???????? Oh, and this is where some of the best Bar B Que is now located, BLUE HILLS. The Methodist Men's Bar-B-Que... They cook a mean Brisket and people are seeking them out......They always do......More to come.....


  1. Ooh la la!!!How much was that sweet little thing!? Please show more, M'am or err...Miss.
    Looks like lovely weather.XO Trish

  2. Oh MaryAnne!! I am so excited - great photos! Isn't it fun! I hope this gorgeous weather holds out. Meeting Dallas friends tomorrow but hope to get over to visit you before I have to head home!!

  3. Love the blue dresser. Oh how I wish we had antique fairs like this , what fun !

  4. I am crazy for that robin's egg blue dresser. Lovely finds! thanks for sharing. :) Erica

  5. I wish I could be here, everything sound fantastic and exciting ...

  6. Next year I'm there! this looks like a lot of fun for a girl to have! Great things1



  7. This looks like real fun, could almost believe you were in France. Just found you via Trouvais, love your blog, can tell I'll have to come back often.

  8. Hi Maryanne,

    I loved seeing all your photos and the armoire and dressing table are fabulous.
    Looks like a fun place to be and thanks for sharing your photos.


  9. I would love to have gone shopping with you! I have been to Texas during wild flowers season and there is nothing quite like it. Antiques, wild flowers, BBQ...I don't think it can get much better! ~jermaine~

  10. Hi Maryanne,
    TH and I took Robespierre's advice and had the Methodist Men's BBQ for lunch at Blue Hills yesterday. Thanks, for telling us where they relocated, 'cause we missed seeing them at Marburger last Fall. But how did I miss all the good stuff at Blue Hills?...You got there first, that's how!

  11. Oh you lucky girl you! Next time I am coming with you!

    Look forward to more pics.

    Happy Easter, dear Maryanne!

    Cyber hug,


  12. These are a few of my favorite things ... Blue Bonnets, Barbque and French antiques! How much fun, thanks for sharing!

  13. Maryanne,
    Peter should buy this French armoire for you!! SOOO Beautiful!