Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Arte Pura...Putting it all on the Pass Line

First, I apologize for neglecting my blog responsibilities.
but a girl has to make a living.......Now I need feedback from you!!!!!!!!
This is the line I bought at M&O. I think it is truly wow.
It is gorgeous Italian linen with coordinating towels,
tabletop and accessories.

A pillow cover / bag with an embroidered rose looped terry with a relaxed linen bow.

The linen feels
fantastic!!!!!! Soft with just the right weight.

THIS is what blew me away. For all those "wrinklephobic" beings out there how about if you just throw this in the wash, then dry it and JUST PUT IT BACK ON THE BED!!!!!!
HOW ABOUT 40 COLORS!!!!!!!! And there are coordinating towels! This Atollo style has a built in ruffle for a relaxed ruffle effect or to tuck under on a platform bed........
They do some printed pillows that are very romantic... The name Arte Pura..... to see their website go to http://www.artepura.it/ Here's the hitch.. Everything is in Italian. The price sheets, measurements, everything, and of course you have to do bank transfers to Italy,in Euros, so I had to get a Dictionary Italiano just to figure out a towel is a spugne ( like a sponge).

Here is another bed in white mixed with some double flanged pillows in midnight navy on a coverlet with the embroidered roses and crystal. They laser the crystal on so it is actually fused into the fabric....So, it stays on in the wash..... So have I lost my mind????????? I'm a Francophile!
Have I hung my derriere out to dry investing in this????

See the little sparkle? Also there are curtains with tab top but under the tabs are sloppy ties and ruffles on the lower third of the panel.

Embroidered roses with some of the crystals that are lasered on.....The crystals are mostly on accessory pieces and are not overdone......

Tabletop with linen baskets with the crystals.. How Fun is this???? They do runners, tablecloths, napkins, napkin rings.. etc....... They also don't take foreverto be made like some companies....

Adorable linen bags.

There are lounge wear pieces, shirts and coordinating towels for all the bedding.
So tell me I didn't mess up.............!!!!!!!Please!
Oh, and my excuse for neglecting my blogging duties? I am working on two design projects. one a new upcountry home with guest house.....The otherlocated in Houston.
And we are getting the shop ready for High Holy Days otherwise known as ROUND TOP!!
So it's been 24/7 literally..........Hang in there my lovely readers......We love and appreciate you!!
Oh and Happy Birthday to Robes!!!!!Today!
And Happy St Patty's Day Tomorrow!!!!!! (those are High Holy Days for US!)


  1. sounds like you have been having a great time. good for you!

  2. I think it's drop dead gorgeous! I love wrinkled linen and that bedspread had me at hello!

  3. High Holy Days!!!! Next year I gotta go. Intriguing...the Italian line. Gorgeous towle display/colors! Busy is good...we forgive you! XO Trish

  4. You have a way with 'wow'. Every little piece is gorgeous. I need to figure out what the 'high holy days' are? So much for me now being a Texan? You are on to exciting things. You are amazing.

    We love & appreciate you too & happy St. Patrick's day.
    Sláinte xx

  5. Yeah! There you are Maryanne! I was actually starting to get worried. But now I am all smiling again. You have more energy than all your blog friends combined (!) and I am so looking forward to learning more about your exciting adventures.

    And BTW TONS of lovely finds. I think that the wrinkled bedcover is going to be out of stock before you even start selling it! And how can your go wrong with these lovely table linen!

    Cyber hug, Mon

  6. Hi Maryanne,
    This is a great discovery! Wonderful!
    Congratulations to Robes!!!

  7. Holy heaven woman!
    I love the Italian linen (veramente!) and that bedspread!

    Well chosen!


  8. Hi Maryanne,

    I love all the Italian linen and what exciting finds. I am sure that they will do very well.
    Belated happy birthday to your husband and I hope that you are having a lovely weekend.


  9. I am swooning with all the the fabulous linens! I love textiles!!!! So many beautiful colors. Do the napkins have a two toned look? So beautiful. Happy Spring!

  10. Love all the bed linens - especially the wrinkled one! I'm sure they will be a hit! Tracey xx

  11. the 'wrinklephobic bedding' is great.
    i know you have found a winner.
    xx thanks for stopping by

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  13. Looks like a beautiful line! :)

  14. That colorful display of linen in the first pic is amazing! Beautiful stuff!
    Landon - The Arkansan Anglophile

  15. Love it all and that first picture is fabulous!

  16. I like that big puckered bedspread...what colors does it come in? what is the material? cool!



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