Sunday, February 28, 2010

EICHOLTZ: Dutch Design at it's Finest

I loved this showroom at M&O ( I know here she goes again ).
This was my favorite furniture showroom, not all of it my style but the way it was put merchandised was fabulous. This console table is aluminum with generously sized leather handles on the drawers from the Catalina Collection.

Even the accessories were stunners. Love this bar/table and the detail on the top. The slots are full with bottled water, I would have perhaps chosen other substances. The lamps had ethereal shades that filtered the light out beautifully.

Look at the oversized pieces behind the sofa...... They are huge but they work.....

The Royal Master Sealight Tripod Lamp. We've seen these stylings before but the craftsmanship of this is impeccable, and it is huge. There are some similarities with the new look of Restoration Hardware in the US. In my opinion, this company's lighting was more striking.

A lot of aluminum used with glass and a zebra print rug.
The table base is heavy and the glass is thick, nice proportion, no skimping here.

The designer is Theo Eicholtz, out of the Netherlands. I'm not a lover of SHINY furniture,
but the way this is done it is fabulous.

The outside of the showroom. The Royal Marine Tripod lamp right up front.

They also make over the top pendants. I loved them. Again VERY oversized, I mean they look twice as big as that guy's head! You can see more of this company He is evidently a very busy man as he does a contemporary line White Dragon Decor, and a more traditional line, Pieter Porters Collection. And NOW...

A big shout out to Kit from Chic Provence who was kind enough to bestow this little gem on my blog. I in turn am passing the torch to three blogs who I think are "sweet".
Chemin de Mugets
Papillon Linens
and after her riotus and sweet tribute to Renee Finberg,
Dumbwit Tellher!!!!!


  1. Okay, I want one of everything you showed in your photos today! How fantabulous! Now, I must try to stop drooling! ;)


  2. Great looking decor ~ I'll take one in every category. Congrats on your well deserved award and thanks so much for your suggestions re my travels. ~jermaine~

  3. I saw their stand and I love their style ...

  4. Congratulations, Maryanne, now pop over chez moi, I have a surprise for you.


  5. Maryanne I am loving the aluminum coffee table, I's kind of counter to all the rustic/chic stuff, and it works really well...

    I posted about these cool 1900 aluminum suitcases today on my blog.. I love the look!

    (You deserve the award big time!)



  6. This was one of my favourite stands at the show! Fabulous! Tracey xx

  7. Yes....some great items! That little bar is adorable!

  8. I think that indeed a lot of products from Eicholtz are similar to RH. I think that one of the partners of RH is also a partner of Eicholtz!

  9. The bar is fabulous! Love all the mirrors and glass!

  10. Hi Maryanne; I adore all the over-sized pieces, especially that last photo with it's large tripod lamp. Theo's pieces are so glam!
    I feel like such a fool for skipping bye this post and your gracious gift of this adorable award. You are so sweet and I thank you so much. I look forward to that day when we finally meet. I need to hop on my motorcycle for a lazy cruise! All my best to you xx

  11. Absolutely gorgeous line!!! Cannot wait to investigate more. thanks for sharing the good stuff! :)