Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring Arrives Elegantly at Maison Pederrey

Ever since I have been attending Maison & Object this Belgian Company always made me think
that if I was ever going to do an outdoor living area I would like it to be with their furniture and accessories..

The quality of the products they make are top notch with beautiful clean lines and soothing colors.

The glass is made in Poland because the raw materials there according to Toni Van Parijs, one of the two delightful owners of the company, are superb. The vases are thick, clear and stunning.

Look how great this is with just three elements...
Do you love the little pet carriers/houses on the right?

This basketry is uniquely colored. A grey, beige that is made by letting it sit
in mud for a few days to achieve the color....

The wood is all reclaimed from old buildings so they are green!!!!

A florist comes in and does the flowers... Then takes them all away after 5 days. Waah!
Where do they go?????

This basket of hyacinths says spring to me. It's coming...

I thought I'd end it just the way it started.....These buds are for you!


  1. Gorgeous Maryanne! The Belgians have such a beautiful style! Tracey xx

  2. Beautiful photos! I keep thinking of you and Robespierre leaving Paris, then having to face shopping at the local HEB. I know that feeing well. At least we can find comfort in your Paris photos.

  3. I love the hyancinth basket...sigh..spring will come, right?

    glad you are settled back in Texas after your whirlwind France trip...such fun!



  4. I love all the natural elements here. Great photos.

  5. All those bulbs in baskets has me so ready for spring! What a difference having a florist come into the store every week to change out the flowers. What a beautiful store. Thank you.

  6. I love the ambiance ??The arrangements are lovely. I'm waiting for spring !!!
    Have you received the little parcel , mon amie ? Say hello to Monsieur

  7. Hi Maryannne, I have a blog award waiting for you a little later today on my post!!



  8. Amo i tulipani bianchi!!!!
    Complimenti, immagini meravigliose!!
    Buona notte, Anna.

  9. Thank for the buds my dear and thank you for promoting a Belgian company! Yes they have beautiful products!

  10. Beautiful...lovely way to start the day/weekend. Wish it would stop raining so we could all go out and play! Merci. Trish

  11. Beautiful post Maryanne.
    I adore the basket of hyacinths and all the interesting wood furniture, glass vases and basketware ~ love the grey/beige colour.

    Have a wonderful weekend

  12. Beautiful indeed, Maryanne! And how interesting with the baskets sitting in mud! (I always learn something new here). Now do you represent some of these products at your lovely store? Happy weekend hugs, xx Mon

  13. Maryanne, Your shop is looking good. I have been there several times and trying to remember everything I bought...bought a tea pot posy, still have it and will be showing it on my blog.
    Love the basket, wish I could hurry over to get one...hope to by back your way soon.


  14. Beautiful pieces! I am really looking forward to doing something fantastic with my patio this year... thanks for the inspiration. :)