Sunday, February 7, 2010

"La Carrotte" Apartement, Paris. We Miss it...

Apartement "La Carotte" certainly was a place that will forever be in our hearts. The view of Notre Dame out of our window amazed us every morning.

This is not a postcard shot. This is the actual view with the window open on a sunny day in January 2010.

Robespierre back from the Maubert market with haricots verts. Note: Chef is testing wine glasses for leakage...... and to make sure wine is A OK. He's very dedicated.

The fireplace in the living room with books and a little crown from one of the king cakes at a local patisserie.

A little plate of macaroons and sauternes our last treat before we left. Not from Laduree, but from another bakery we will expound on later in the Marais. We liked these better.

View at night......Seagrass and white slipcovers....Gold accents.

Who wouldn't be comfortable in a place like this?

Robes hard at work checking e-mails ( you can't see the wine glass.)

I forgot to rotate this before it was stored DUH but this is the bedroom fireplace.
My Apologies, just turn your head......:) Whatever...I don't blog for a living....No Arianna Huffington here thank you very much...

The bedroom with the silk fabric headboard and cherubs...

Robes bidding adieu, adieu, to you and you, and you. Already inked it for next year.
Thanks, Jenny.


  1. This apartment is so amazing! What a view you had here.

  2. LOVE the apartment!!! Guess what? I have that VERY SAME green teapot with the dragonflies on it!! Small world!

    Thanks for sharing your Parisian bliss with those of us less fortunate to be there!! :)


  3. I am so very envious! What a marvelous place!

  4. It looks like a real home away from home. A much better idea then a sterile hotel room.

  5. MaryAnne - how divine! And the best way of living. I bet you felt like it was really your home. Love the last image. Now that is Paris! Glad you are back and safe. (Also loved the photo of you and Greet over at B. Pearls!). Happy week, dear! xx Mon


  6. Love your apartment Maryanne. We stayed in one much nicer than a hotel!! Loved being able to go to the markets and cook diner! Ax

  7. Gorgeous place and Monsieur Robespierre is a chief ??
    Lucky you

  8. Bon jour Maaryanne - I was thrilled to see the photos of your trip thus far. Your apt. in Paris is absolutely incredible & beautifully decorated. The view of Notre Dame is spectacular; I could go on & on. Wishing you both lots of fun, adventure and of course great wine. Those macaroons are fabulous too by the way!! All my best to you debxoxo

  9. Maryanne and Robespierre,
    I'm so jealous but so happy for your having had this great place to stay.
    La belle vie!

  10. Hi Maryanne,

    I loved seeing your photos of your apartment in Paris. What a lovely place and view and it must have been hard to leave.
    Renting an apartment is such a great thing to do, when in Paris. That is what we also did for 8 days.


  11. Maryanne!

    You are so welcome! I am very happy it turned out so well for you and Peter. Plus, it looks as though the weather was pretty nice (for January at least). Again, so glad you enjoyed your stay. Jenny C.

  12. I can see why you will miss this amazing home. What a great experience in a fabulous city. I know you will be to even greater adventures!

  13. Maryanne, I want to see you and Monsieur Robespierre to my virtual grand opening party , come to say bonjour

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  15. Bonjour! Dreamy - that's all I can say! What a fabulous apartment, view, trip and you and Peter deserved every wonderful moment, you work so hard. Keep the pictures coming, I'm having a blast seeing them, thank you!

  16. Gorgeous apartment! I can see why you guys were having so much fun.

  17. Your appartment looks fabulous...oh how I wish we were all back there! Tracey xx

  18. Oh what lovely memories you made. My apartment was just a block away on Rue de la 6 years ago when I visited for 6 weeks.

  19. What an amazing apartment... love the views and those macaroons!

  20. Nothing like staying in an apartment to help you feel like a local. Your apartment looks gorgeous too. Only wish it was longer.

  21. Wow!!! This is a beautiful apartment! Hope you can have it next year! So that we can visit you there!!!!
    Happy Valentine to you both!!!

  22. I'm soooo jealous. Beautiful apartment
    Thanks for sharing

  23. Love this apartment. Details please???