Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Extra Man / Kevin Kline! 8/13!

When I heard one of my favorite actors was starring in a new film The Extra Man, I couldn't have been more delighted.

The Oscar award winning actor has been in several of my personal favorite films. In The Extra Man he plays a gentleman, Henry Harrison, who escorts elderly socialites to society functions, whose husbands are no longer with them. Mr. Kline referred to the character as not a gigolo but more of an Oscar Wilde like character.The extra man was based on the novel by Jonathan Ames. PERFECT. Moira MacDonald of The Popcorn and Prejudice blog stated" It's a wonderfully loopy performance by an actor who's notched up many unforgettable performances in his long career". Ms MacDonald will be doing an interview with Mr Kline this week. The Extra Man Opens August 13th ...Can't Wait!

This from the Wild Wild West, he starred with Will Smith in a remake of the hit TV Show. My favorite western bar none is Silverado. He has also played more serious roles such as Sophie's Choice, and was educated at Julliard.

This was one of the funnniest movies EVER made. The venerable "A Fish Called Wanda" where Kevin Kline played the wacko gangster "Otto" who was into sniffing things, boots, armpits... He shared the spotlight with Michael Palin,
John Cleese and the sexy, vibrant Jamie Lee Curtis. He was also starred in the classic

The Big Chill.

One of the finest things he ever did was marry the incredible actress Phoebe Cates.....She has a retail shop in NYC now. OHHH! She's a shopgirl just like me! I don't think so....

This is my favorite Kevin Kline movie..... French Kiss. Here he teamed up with Meg Ryan and made us love France, the French, the Cote D'azur and French life in Provence.

He will always be Luc Tessier to me..... Pronounce that LUUUUUC!

What's YOUR favorite Kevin Kline Movie???
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  1. And don't forget The Big Chill. I think that is where I first saw him. I think he is a great actor of my favorites. My favorite movie hands down with Kevin Klein is French Kiss. He even sings great too!

  2. Kevin Kline is my favorite actor! I first saw him in Dave, and I absolutely loved him in Life as a House. I can hardly wait for The Extra Man!

  3. Loved him in The Big Chill and French Kiss. Can't wait to see The Extra Man!

  4. this my favorite KK movie as well.

    he was cute and soooo sneaky.


  5. Kevin Kline
    Was great in the "Emperors Club" He was also great in "French Kiss" yet a deep profound youthful movie that touches I sure the hearts of many would be a movie with a deep message about bonding with a disfunctional Son It was a real message movie and everyone who has seen it says its there favorite, It is
    "Life as a House"

  6. MaryAnne,

    I LOVE Kevin Kline (and he shares my birthday!). My favorite role for him was probably The Big Chill (Sophie's Choice is a close second). As an FYI...the Extra Man is available on Comcast Cable now. He is a fabulous and ridiculously underrated actor.

    Jenny C.

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  8. Thanks Jenny!Comcast ? will have to check it out! Maryanne xo

  9. Love Kevin Kline..Frech Kiss..ooh lala!

    Thanks for reminding and all the great pix1



  10. Ahhh Maryanne - as soon as I read the words, "French Kiss", I could hear my head just as Meg would pronounce it. I loved that movie and it indeed helped reinforce my love for France. I would have to say that that Kevin stood out for me in The Big Chill & Life as a House. He is one of the actors that never lets you down and never disappoint. He just has that "I'm up to something" aura about him that I adore. Hoping you & Peter have a lovely Sunday. It's going to be a HOT one! xxoo

  11. I too love Kevin Kline! French Kiss was
    one of my all time favorites. I will definitely be waiting for this movie!

    Thank you!

    Flora Doora

  12. i LOVED french kiss.

    he was adorable in it.

    he was fabulous on broadway in
    the pirates of penzance.

    he is so darling!!!

    great post.
    i have got to see it.

  13. The "French Kiss" is also my favorite!

  14. I love him too , he is always so amazing . I didn't know about hid wife

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  16. Dear Maryanne, you have reminded me of French kiss, I have loved that movie, specially I love Meg Ryan... but, what has she done in her face, is irrecognizable sad.
    maria cecilia

  17. I have a lot but I will tell you my number 1 favorite. I like him in the movie In & Out. I love almost all of his work. I turned them into a game.