Sunday, September 12, 2010

Autumn Table Settings in NYC

You can always count on Arte Italica to set a STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL table at market. You would think all tabletop companies do but that is not the case........This is a new introduction, Vigna Vecchia or Old Vineyard, a Tuscan scene in a soft hand painted red with a rustic creamy background of picturesque farmhouses and tall cypress trees......This lovely dinnerware is paired with a new introduction in stemware Ambra. I love these glasses, the only color other than clear I like especially this time of year...... I encourage you to click on these pictures to enlarge or you will miss detail....

This was Libeco Lagae, where Ed Reisert and his team skillfully presented their linen line.....Colors are fabulous..... My favorite is the Faro sheer linen voile offered insome of these colors........Also I love the Frescati runners shown here, they are damask like and reversible.....The borders on the runners are the same fabric turned over......

I love this table..... A not so little country French Table that is substantial and folds up....Retails in the 450 range......... for that French Country look offered by Comptoir de Famille. Great for dining al fresco.......I ordered for the shop......It is great.....

Back to Arte Italica a relatively new offering the mini casseroles and tea/ coffee pots with pewter lids with butterflies perched on top, hens, lambs, a bee on the honeypot. Just adorable named Compagna and Giardino. Some of these guys are on their way to Beadboard as we speak.

There was a lot of this chain motif this year. These platters and vase are oversized and WOW!
Paired with their new stemware they were gorgeous!
They are called Pallazzo.

I ordered these in the gold and silver, the Vittoria stemware... I would like to say why...The marketplace is, at this time, overloaded with gorgeous stemware that if you offer up a toast and clink the glass you WORRY............ Not the case with these. They have heft, are delicate looking and have beautiful shapes... Note the thickness of the glass where the stem starts....

Another example of the Vittoria stemware in the silver. This time paired with Merletto Antique. I loved this, a soup plate with lace detail in a putty color and a grey in the lace.......It is yummy as is the pitcher in the background. Also available in Aqua. Look at it paired with the glass and pewter flatware......Teture and elegance....More New York adventures to come!!!!
Libeco Lagae, Arte Italica and Comptoir de Famille available at Beadboard UpCountry.....


  1. How beautiful everything is! I cannot wait
    for more NYC! There is no place like NYC
    for an adventure.

    Flora Doora

  2. Love your photographs! Beautiful tableware!

  3. Fabulous stuff. Yummy colors. Your store is going to be even more gorgeous!

  4. Everything looks so beautiful! I love the Libeco colors... and with the Vittoria, it would be hard to decide on the gold or silver... looks like you had a great trip! Terri

  5. All gorgeous Maryanne but loving that Vittoria stemware in silver - just gorgeous! Tracey xx

  6. All are awesome stuff, just love all the tableware, colours , shapes , handle grip, everything is just amazing, Thanks for photographs.

    French country furniture

  7. I adore the platter with the fabulous!!

  8. The table settings are gorgeous, love the colors of the first one!

  9. Hi Maryanne: I was busy zooming in on your photos to try to catch as much detail as possible. It is all beautiful. Vigna Vecchia made me immediately made me think of my mother. Her & dad use to have a kitchen with red cabinets & the pattern she would of loved. I'm more of a plain Jane & was taken by the Compagna and Giardino dishes. Whom I fooling..Maryanne I loved it all. Bravo for ordering that adorable folding table/chairs for the shop. Hope you both had a terrific time? Thinking about you xo

  10. if i had a shop i would have bought the
    Compagna and Giardin collection too.