Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall at Beadboard 2010

Autumn is my favorite time of year here. I love the colors, the change in weather (to anything but what we've been esxperiencing) And getting in new merchandise to present to our customers........Love this new Armoire it has carved tassels on the top...

One of our custom chairs and a new linen pillow....

Smashing velvet pumpkins!!!!!!!!!

Arte Pura with Lava shams in the back and the old Stucco on the linen coverlet mixed with the white and the crystal....

What ?! You don't have a pumpkin on YOUR BED??????? Oh, and the lava colored shams have brass buttons in the shape of roses.... Details, details......

I adore this lamp!!
We call it the "Ms Hatter" lamp. You need to click on this to see the beading and the detail in the shade and the gold brushed over the feet......

Arte Pura linen octagonal tablecloth with the macrame trim in Lava Old. Dinnerware by Juliska with French apperitif glasses mixed with silver Morrocan tea glasses.

Atre Italica with a Beadboard custom skirt, placemat by Papillon Linens, napkin by Arte Pura, with a velvet pumpkin on top.....

Our Williamsburg Glasses with more Arte Italica...

Fresh and Fragrant wreath from Creekside Farms in California....And of course we love to use fairies all year round....... We hope you come see in person.... Shop hours posted on the previous blog for antiques week!!!!!!!


  1. The store is fabulous! I love that linen
    pillow with the bows! Oh the tablecloths are
    beautiful too! Everything!!

    Flora Doora

  2. Hi Maryanne; I find your newest additions to be gorgeous. The custom chair, the custom table skirt, and those velvet pumpkins..fabulous!

    I have fingers crossed to make it finally to Round Top and if all goes as planned visit you & Peter. I am grabbing the husband to go to make a fun day of it. Heaven knows we've had no action on our home, so I doubt we will be packing boxes next weekend. I hope all goes very well. I do think you will need rehab after all the excitement comes to an end! But I know everyone will be thrilled by your store. is

    Cheers my dear & greetings to Peter. Don' forget your vitamins this week!

    xo Deb

  3. Bedding is beautiful. That lamp is sooo
    wild. yvonne

  4. Dear Maryanne, so many pretty things at your shop, I love that armoire and I have one pretty much the same like this one. Would love to meet your shop some day.
    maria cecilia

  5. everything looks outstanding.
    and that coverlet is beautiful.


  6. Greetings Maryanne-

    Lovely to hear from you. I so glad to be back home after two months back East. I loved being with family, but am only now catching up with blog friends.

    You sound busy as always - creating such beauty. Bonne Chance with Antiques Week!


    P.S. So sorry to read about dear Murph.

  7. OMG!! I have spent an hour enlarging your wonderful photos of your shop so that I can see each item. I cannot wait to visit. Everything is so magical.

  8. Mmm - I love browsing through shops in the fall, and yours is just what I need.. That Armoire is really a showstopper.. and all those perfect linens...


  9. It's me AGAIN. I really like the chair with ruffle hem..


  10. I LOVE YOUR SHOP . I could stay there for hours. I wish i could be here

  11. this post makes me anxious to get my new apartment so I can start decorating with beautiful things like these! Thanks for the inspiration and your impeccable style as always :-D

    xoxo Bardot in Blue

  12. Beautiful armoire..and love those glasses!

  13. The store looks fabulous! Even better in person. So enjoyed visiting with you and Peter Tuesday evening. We are home, unloaded and exhausted! Looking forward to the weekend. Mona

  14. AHA!! NOW I see what you meant by velvet pumpkins...they are smashing!

  15. I am hyperventilating!!! I love the beautiful new gray look and the ruched up beautiful!!!!!!!!! I think I want to paint my roof gray!!!!