Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring!!!!Chez Beadboard..

It was such a beautiful day I wanted to take some
photos of my Spring window. Alas! My windows are tinted so everything came outside...
Here is table set for one (Joni hates when I do that) but it's a 30" round so what are you going to do......We made the tableskirt out of Milkpaint White pre washed linen... Over it is a square Arte Pura tablecloth in the pinky beige Polevere Old with Crochet lace trim. OMG! Are there some Carolyn Quartermaine Pale Pink Irish Linen chairs with gold script????
Mais OUI!!!!

The table setting is a "Spring Mix", not to be confused with salad in a box...
Runner is Arte Pura. Victtoria Glass with gold rim, and the Veronica Flatware Pewter and stainless by Arte Italica. Dinnerware is Juliska, Bamboo mixed with Berry and Thread. One candle, Eiffel Tower shaped, Point a la Ligne.

And the thing that makes it rock??????? The Silk Shitake "shrooms" in spring colors
By Hot Skwash!!!
Daria has taken stems from her famous Velvet Pumpkins and inverted some of the stems making these delectable Shitake Mushrooms also signed in gold script. So now I am officially OVER the EGG thing....... And, the question is what came first the gold script shitakes or the gold script chairs???????? Hmmmmm...
What do you think?????


  1. I second that which fabulous Finberg stated, wonderful bamboo china. Oregon artist Daria's shrooms are very clever and beat out the over-done egg 2 to 1. Maryanne you've done it again! Hugs to you and also fabulous Robes xo

  2. Hi Maryanne,

    Love your sweet table setting for one! and the chairs and table cloths are perfect.

    Happy weekend

  3. Dear Maryanne, so sorry to come so late to confort you with my presence at your blog and hope your dear husband is doing very well now after his surgery. I´m so happy that my garden could be a place to lift up your worries the day of the surgery. Your spring window arrangement is gorgeous and so lovely!!
    sending you and your husband my love

  4. the bamboo china looks great!

  5. Fabulous setting. I love it all. I didn't know your husband had surgery?? I hope he's doing well now. Mona

  6. Adore it all Maryanne, the setting is fabulous and those chairs...can you send them to me! Sigh...........

    A Special Gift on my site just in time for spring!Come Enter!

    Art by Karena

  7. Just lovely!

    Do you happen to still have that bracelet from a week or two ago?? hmmm?