Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Temptation..Texas Style

Ok here we go again....... Round Top, the Biggest Euro Country Antiques fair is upon us again....These tempted me.......Great Bargains? Sometime... Sometimes not.   Especially when you are buying chairs and sofa frames to reupholster.....Make sure you or your designer (if you are paying for her to go with you HEHE)  get down and inspect underneath and all over to look for cracks, repairs, wobbling, solidity, and pick it up for weight.....Once an upholsterer starts  removing nails and pounding in new ones it can affect the piece if THEY don't know what they are doing. Some repairs are not going to be huge..... But .......

I lusted after this Swedish Chest....Perfect shape!!!!! I wanted to Mortgage the HOUSE!!!!!
Common sense prevailed and I didn't.... We couldn't live in here........

These are all shots I took last year.... It is clear the popularity of this is staggering... Also, if you are shopping for yourself or with your designer.... Start doing your homework.  A good place to start is http://www.roundtopchamberofcommerce.org/ .  It is the local chamber site and will give you the schedule of what fairs open when............Also there are links to the participants with pictures of things they feature.
Also just because something is beautiful doesn't mean you don't have to look it over CAREFULLY .
This piece Tempted me......  It tempted my client more, she bought it......RATS!

These always tempt me..... Always ask if it is hand powered or "Quartzed" . 
Personal preference is the key " Quartzed" means it has been set up for a battery to power the clock, no winding......  A Pendulum is preferable.... if it is hand powered then the pendulum moves the hands with the weights.  You want SOMETHING in that window you are spending four figures for. Also some faces are original and some are printed replicas.........

Above All have fun, Eat Bar B Que, drink Texas Beer, and enjoy yourself,
And our beautiful wildflowers that grace us in the spring. And when you are POOPED, windblown, sunburned and need a break let us tempt YOU by knowing we are close with TLC,  fluffy sofas, serving wine Tues through Fri til 8:30 or 9. And you can get your first glimpse and feel of Arte Pura.....

ADVICE!!!!!!! Don't come with 5 friends in an SUV!!! Unless you are only shopping for jewelry...!!!!!
The first thing someone wants is something that doesn't fit in the vehicle and everybody gets pissy.
Don't wear flip flops, havianas,you know beach shoes... There are fire ants, cow poop, (we call them "pies") just use common sense and bring a cooler with your favorite stuff......;)


  1. Your blog is realy great!

  2. those chairs are terrific. I am determined to make a trip to roundtop one day...


  3. I am drooling over those chairs....I need to plan better for the NEXT Roundtop! Have fun!

  4. Is Roundtop & Marburger Farm the same event?

  5. No,it is not one specific event.There are hundreds of dealers at 20 plus antiques fairs and a town called Warrenton. This is huge. Round Top is the site of the first Antiques fair. Marburger is one of the big two upscale ones, Marburger Farm and The Big Red Barn.Get all the poop (pardon the pun) on the website I mentioned above........It goes on for two weeks twice a year..... Most people think one week but different shows open on different days... Designers are already out picking things up.
    Usually at this time can't get a room for 30miles..........

  6. I am heading to my first Round Top adventure tomorrow!!! Love this post, thanks for the advise.

  7. Yeah...I would need a semi.

    scuse me, pardon me...just trying to park. whoops!

  8. Well you give us all good advice!!I wished I could be there to have a good wine with you and Peter!
    PS So nice that I can follow your post by email!!

  9. Hi Maryanne,

    I so wish I could visit there - looks amazing and thanks for sharing your fun post.
    I loved the chairs.
    Have a lovely time and hope that you can take a little something home with you.


  10. I surely could live here too!!!!
    What a great fair, we don´t have this luxurious furniture over here and I just have to be happy with what I find, which I do love though.
    hugs my dear