Thursday, May 26, 2011

French Mirrors? CAST IRON? Oh YES!

We are all familiar with the French Trumeau, the Louis Phillippe, the Restoration etc.
I LOVE these Art Deco pieces.......They have soft details we don't associate with Art Deco.
Like flowers and bows.  This one is from the Rhone Valley  made in the 30's.

Here is another example...A silver one I love the shape, and the tassels. 
Negrel Antiques Austin 14 x 31 it lists for 1250.00


This oval is great with the floral detail......17 x 29 and sells for 1395.00. Also at Negrel.

Don't let this fool you this is a large mirror selling for 9000.00 at
 Antiques in New York

This is also a beautiful example and big.........Reminds me of Estate the 7000.00 range also at Newell.
So what do you think, do you like them too???????? I liked them so much I bought one....A small one.
The first one..... It is still in Austin.... But I already have a place picked out......;)


  1. Very nice mirrors!
    I also prefer the first one with it's slightly 'off-set' frame.

  2. Love number three...and five keeps calling to me as well! Love their Deco-ness!
    xo J~

  3. lovely !
    happy weekend,

  4. It was class and craftsmanship at its all time best when I viewed those french mirrors on display on
    the website of the top furniture company UK as the wooden outer frame of these French style mirrors were intricately hand carved on solid wood and ornately designed, making them look exquisitely beautiful and sublime without any design or production flaws.