Thursday, June 2, 2011

PC Issues from Hell

Where have I been???!!!!!!!

Yes it has been PC hell.......I am venting here, just to let you know when YOU go through it
you are NOT alone...... Started about 2 weeks ago something with the PC was just not right.....
Slower, took an age to post, and of course blogger changed their format.........Made me nuts
Then the Screen went south.... So we replaced it... OK.Done right?

Next thing, forget the flippin screen, we are getting updates from Outlook, Adobe, Windows, upload, sure! Of course we'll upload!!!!!!  Why the HELL not??!! Next the PC at work that we have loaded all of these enhancements into says "I've had enough"!  Starts to go south.  Robes is yelling "we're going to lose all the !*&$@%$$! memory!!!!!!!  I say we take to Computer Helpers here and let them take a look.  They are fantastic!!!!! Even if you live in Houston if you have PC issues take it to them!!!! Reasonable and fast!!!!!! I also didn't want to powershop a new PC.

  So off it goes, and when we get home the land line phone is not working......We have cell phones and I drop kicked the land line unit out the front door. Then the other land line phone goes south.....(it's an antique French, keeping that one) My foot still hurts, but I feel better.

So, just when we are feeling some kind of relief, after midnight we get a Trojan Virus and Robes sees it eating the hard drive on the notebook we use in the kitchen. Next morning, off it goes to, you know where Computer Helpers!!!!!!!!!

Who should be called Computer angels.......Yep all PC's are alive and well and they speeded em all up
Thanks to Harper, Josh and Jason.  You guys rock!!!!!!!!! So I needed something..... Life is to short to stress about all of this stuff as it is everchanging.......
Sooooo. About 2 years ago the light went out in the new fridge that came with the house......( why would someone buy a refrigerator named HOTpoint?!). It was a fairly new unit but the way it was designed  it was obvious the whole stupid thing would have to be dismantled to replace the lighting unit...... So, after foraging in the dark for a year and a half, I went down bought a new fridge...... Love it......The brilliant light that comes out the door is angelic......I sat in front of it and opened the door, and opened the door and opened.......I feel MUCH better!!!!!!!!.


  1. Whew! You need to chill! LOL I guess that is why you got a new fridge! You poor girl. I hope that now that all your problems are solved you can relax just a little and get the peace you deserve! Cute post despite your frustration!
    We all feel your pain...

  2. It was crazy and so difficult to post!!Whew!!

    Art by Karena

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  3. hilarious!!!

    i can relate to every emotion.
    there are a few things and people i feel like
    'drop kicking.'

    funny funny xxxx

  4. Oh I'm laughing so hard!! We just want things to WORK RIGHT don't we? Hey, at least you scored a new fridge!

  5. How come things go South in 3's? Love your humor, Maryanne!

  6. Hi Maryanne,

    You would need to have a drink after all that!
    Isn't it the most horrible thing to have your computer pack up. So glad you are back with a much faster system and yeah for the new fridge too.

    Have a great weekend

  7. You are still at the refrigeration light stage of technology, hmm??? Can't wait till my young'un comes home from college. Hard going it alone in this wild west of new fangled stuff. Hope you have a relaxing and illuminating weekend! XOXO Trish

  8. I've never of a fridge being used as shopping therapy but it's sounds like it did the trick...yay! Glad your PC was pulled from the abyss with those angel winged helpers, thank heavens they were there! ;)!
    xo J~