Friday, September 23, 2011

Clair de Reve Marionettes

This is a relatively new shop on Ile St Louis, Paris.... Clair de Reve.

As we were shopping for provisions for the apartement, mon ami from Californie, Charlotte, ( I call her Charlotte the Harlot ) and I stumbled across this little gem of a shop. 

It reminded me of the movie "LILI" starring Leslie Caron where puppets and marionettes were acting like people in small shows in the parks of Paris.......I could just hear the accordions..... 
Or, the Sound of Music when they did "The Lonely Goatherd" Yodaallaayydee!!!!!!

We admired these wonderful pieces of art.... Each with their own distinct personality.

They also offered other clever pieces......Don't ypu just love the Blue Deux Cheveaux in the back?
 CTH and I didn't make a purchase.  We figured they looked better just hanging than in our unpracticed hands.....
However, I wonder if they have the book "Marionettes for Dummies" on Amazon.....Hummmm.  Maybe a surprise xmas present for CTH. I think she'd kill me.


  1. How delightful it is to stumble upon such a store, which is unique and different

  2. Wow -- Charlotte the Harlot, and you call her that on the Internet? She seemed so nice when we met her in Paris. Who knew?! :-)

    So, do you know if this shop does any custom work? Because that would be a truly creepy gift, a marionette made to look exactly like the recipient. Hmmm...

  3. RG you are EVIL!!!!! I bet they would but it would be uh "tres chere"! Also, CTH thought it was funny, she'd never been blogged about before...I've called her Charlotte the harlot for 18 years!MA:)

  4. I first visited Clair de Rêve in June of 1997, while in Paris
    with my daughter Mackenzie. Such a small but beautiful
    shop. Their web site shows their atelier (workshop) where
    they manufacture their Marionettes.

    Mel Fullmer