Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rivera Maison, The Dutch "Get It"

This is why I like going to market in Paris..... It's civilized, and you can see companies that show real inspiration like Riviera Maison....
.A lifestyle company that, if it ever came here, would blow P Barn out of the water.

At the entrance this old car set for Christmas with pillows, gear, throws hanging out the window to make way for what else?????????  The Christmas Tree!  Note the big screen TV in the background, they don't miss a trick.  THIS is the way to treat people at a show......
The back of the trunk..... Inside the pavillion is a 30 ft BAR amid custom upholstery, accessories, furniture and people sitting everywhere as if they are RELIEVED to be there.  They serve water, wine, champagne, espresso, and have store employees serving at the bar.......(and you wonder why I hate Javits????! The concessions are the pits.)
I'll take Laduree, Fauchon, a baguette sandwich, and splits of champagne anytime over the mystery food served at the NYC show.
Another example.. NICO, a visual merchandiser for RM.  He expalined to CTH ( mon ami Charlotte the Harlot) and I that their uniforms are changed with every new collection..... FOR EMPLOYEES ONLY. 
He said customers beg to buy them.
Not just a shirt but pants, sweaters, the works.... Monogrammed on the arm, with a hoodie!

Oh and the attention to detail..... This is a chocolate truffle coated with white chocolate with pictures of RM's products on it!!!!!!  (I ate one and forgot to take a picture and Nico quickly grabbed a photographable one....)
Oh, and in big baskets,
 because it was hot with all the lights, were small bottles of complimentary water to spritz yourself with, sporting the same images as on the truffles!!!! Talk about COOL!!!!!

And after looking at this,

And we spent all day in just ONE building (there are 8) .  I applaud Riviera Maison for being so gracious.
Go to because it would take me too long to describe it........And enjoy!

A mention....... A fond farewell to Steve Jobs. He made all our "Jobs" a little easier. 
 Do you think the man upstairs has a MAC?  HMMMM....


  1. It looks fabulous, Maryanne and so YOU! I can see why you loved it and thank you for sharing another part of the world with us! xo Ann

  2. Wow! That sure looks better than Walmart! :-)

    God bless and have a Great Day! :-)

    BTW, thanks for your recent comment on my "Don't Mess With Old People!" post. ~Ron

  3. Your'e so right...RM would definitley give PB a run for their money if they ever graced us with their presence here in the states...loved their site. Your such a lucky girl to be there!!
    Very grateful for your sharing...
    xo J~

  4. Hi Maryanne,

    What a fabulous shop and sounds like you were well looked after with the water to spritz yourself to keep cool. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy week