Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Star Trek, Tribbles, Squiggles, Cashmere...

What in the blazes do all these things have in common???????
If you have seen Star Trek, and who on earth hasn't???????
You will remember these warm fuzzy creatures, the TRIBBLES.

My favorite episode....."The Trouble With Tribbles".  These softer than soft fuzzy things were proficient at multiplying!!!!!!
They ended up all over the ship!!!!!  No one could figure out how these furry little ball like creatures were having wild sex...
 That presented a problem.... Evidently.

Doesn't the look on Bones (the Doctor's) face tell the story?????
What does this have to do with CASHMERE???????

We have our own "Tribbles"!  They are
 cashmere squiggles.....Appeared last year, for the first time, warm fuzzy little things, soft, grippy,
 like a Shar Pei Puppy around your neck!!!!!!!!!!!

With a ruana or coat they look like a piece of whipped cream on top,
 with a little fringe for more texture. 
Gorgeous and perfect with a sweater for cold evenings...
 Like in California under a gas lantern at a restaurant without a coat.

Colors, and new ones.... Charcoal, Heather Grey, Camel, Tobacco, Ivory, Coral, Plum, Dark Plum ( the French are calling FIIIGGUE! (figue), Turquoise, Black, Royal Blue, & Midnight Navy.

They are 117.00 each....100% cashmere, more weighty than the Loro Piana ( I know because I compared them in New York.)  which, by the way, would retail in the 400$ range. Our Squiggles can come home to you.  Just contact us. . And if you find a way to make them multiply,
 DEFINITELY contact us!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Will add to my pinterest board. LOVE.

  2. Yes - also I as a German - have seen star trek, not all episodes and can't remember having seen the TRIBBLES ! Such a long time ago - last century!

    But I quite like these SQUIGGLES in cashmere, and our moths would definitely like them as well :) :), uuhps...

    Love this post, Maryanne!

  3. I love the Star Trek story, so funny!

  4. You had me at TRIBBLES! haha! Well it was really my big brother who watched all the episodes of Star Trek, but that one, I do remember. Followed you over from your comment at the SRT.

  5. Ooh these cashmere squibbles are yummy, comfy, I can see how good they would feel in the Midwest winter here!

    Oh, I have a new Designer Pillows Giveaway I hope you will join!


    Art by Karena