Tuesday, January 17, 2012


When you go to Paris, you dream of the first restaurant you go to when you get there. 
 It sets the tone for the whole Paris experience.  If I was in Paris I would want that place to be a bistro like this.  DESVOUGES.

Sometimes you discover it on previous trips just walking, and peer in the windows.
You think, how Parisian!!!!!!! How cute, with the lace curtains.....Looks like a REAL Bistro.

The blackboard above the bar would have the list of wines that go with the delicious food they serve....Also a friendly hands on proprieter that greets you at the door and offers a menu on a blackboard and would explain every dish like he cooked it all himself.

Before lunch they would set the tables with checkered napkins and wine glasses.

I imagine appetizers of frog legs for Robes,
 and Pate de Campagne with gellee (aspic) and delicious bread that we share.

Robes would have a beef tenderloin steak seared,  accompanied by crisp fingerling potatoes sauteed in duckfat to make them so crispy. Red onion in a red wine reduction, would be there too and Belgian endive sauteed with balsamic vinegar would be delicious.

Me, I would have the cassoulet, with the duck and sausages with white beans in a Staub Coccotte.
I would think it was the best cassoulet ever.    And yes, we would share these dishes too.

I would think we would be a little full for dessert but would love the chocolate souffle chaud with molten chocolate in the center. On a cold winter day I could think of nothing better.

So while it was cooking I would think we would have espresso with crema on

I would imagine my dream restaurant would look like think this. If I went to Paris, the entrees would be only 6 Euros and the plates 15 Euros.......Fabulous.I also imagine it was everything we dreamed of in our first meal when we would arrive in Paris.

I would think the name of the owner was Jerome Desvouges.
He would be a former journaliste with a love of food from Toulouse
that he very successfully incorporates in his menu.
If you go to Paris check this out http://www.restaurantdesvouges.fr/
I think it would be in the 5th at 6 Rue Fosse St Marcel

More on my imaginings to come this week, If I WAS IN PARIS.


  1. Wonderful imaginings, Maryanne! A perfect meal at a perfect bistro. Merci!!


    – g

  2. i am almost quite certain that we frequent the same fabulous 'HAUNTS'.
    perhaps someday soon we will run into each other.

    xx ;)

  3. Looks wonderful. I can just taste the chocolate soufflé and espresso now!
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. wow...I am heading there the moment I arrive...would trust your words but those pics make it super compelling!