Saturday, January 28, 2012

I WAS in Paris! M&O Riviera Maison!!

First, the Imaginings of my previous four posts on Paris as you may have guessed,  were REAL.
Last time Robes and I were at M&O there was an attempted break in at the house in the back where the gate opens to accomodate a vehicle.   So while we were gone we tried to be incognito.
So here is one of my favorite places RIVIERA MAISON!!!!!!!!
I love their summer collection...... This company from Holland is cutting edge FUN.  It starts here at the bar with upholstered white tufted leather seats where you can get espresso, water, tea and Proseco
(Champagne Italian Style) Also serving cookies and chocolate truffles.

They should call this Riviera Beach as the white wood floor is covered in sand and shells.
They had two themes that cross over The Lake House and A Floridian Theme.

There is sand in this big glass cylinder in which there are champagne flutes that have pointed bottoms.

I love the "Je ne Sais Quoi" Sofa.. Nice mix of fabric and FUN.  Please take note:
See how they matched up the lettering on the two pillows??????? THAT is detail that isn't done

The coordinating chair.

Love the vespa, remember last time they had theVW beetle with the xmas tree and the suitcases?????
See it HERE.
Also love the Lake House denim pillow.

This was charming..... The pillows are in the shape of speed boats you would see on the lake. 

The boats are also on the check pillows.

Now they have a nice selection of bath products.  Making their stores a one stop shop.

On to Florida.......The starfish pillows and the Key West crates.

LOVE,LOVE  these "Coral Gables" chaises.  More Fun!

What would the beach be without surfboards???????

Loved this display of chrome lanterns...... And the wicker boxes with the year # on them.

This was a cadeaux from our friend Baudouin, thank you!  A coat hook with RM on the top.
The people here are so nice . Henk, the owner of the company is usually there, and, had his young son serving espresso...... Always a pleasure.....
 We look forward to when they make their appearance in the US.......
It 's all in the details...........

Plenty more to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)


  1. Just superb, so dreamy
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Thank you for taking us along! Love the chaise, and everything is beautiful.

  3. Hi Maryanne, you have been on my mind, how is Robes? You lucky gal, shopping the Paris trade show!!!I just did ours here in Toronto yesterday, not Maison et Objet!!!! Good non the less, found some great garden stuff for spring and floral that you took us along with you in Paris. N.xoxo

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