Sunday, February 19, 2012

Going to France in Two Styles!!!!!!!

Soooooo you want to go to Provence?????
How bout May, how bout staying in this villa outside Isle Sur la Sorgue, with a few other like minded people that will be enjoying
antiquing, cooking, wine, taking fabulous pictures, flea markets and more and have an interest in art and design?

Yep I wouldn't mind spending a few days here.......Especially if the arrangements for my entertainment were made by none other than Kit Golson, California Designer and author of the Blog Chic Provence. 
 Kit has a passion for attention to detail when it comes to her guests, and is very familiar with the area.
You would drink wine and make new friends in this room. How cool is this?????

After a day antiquing in the Sunny Provencal weather, maybe take some cooking lessons from a local chef in the villa's spacious Kitchen.

Using some of these cooking supplies..........(Just let me loose in there, I'll teach one!!!!)
For more information and the brochure just click on the sidebar for the Chic Provence tour.

All previous images by Kit Golson.


If your interest lies in a more Urban venue, check out Jermaine's (of French Kissed Blog)
Parisian Shopping Spree!!!
Who better than the part time Paris resident with the Most Fashionable daughter Haleigh,
 a permanent Paris resident and fashionista.........(author of Making Magique Blog)
to introduce to you the best shopping (well known and also the secret places) in the City of Lights.

Places as cool as Merci.......

As delicious as Laduree.....

While you pass flower markets.........

Go to  Astier de la Villatte, known for their fabulous white ceramics.  
Will someone please get me a pitcher from here??????????

Don't ever get me started on these........

Stop in and say hi to the home of one of the hottest spring collections this year.....I mean it the collection is fabulous.... All Grace Kelly like........Le Figaro called it Les Hitchcockiennes!!!!

Stop and rest with a Coupe de Champagne.......
Oh and did I mention the Marche Au Puces where you can antique shop til you drop???????
This little jaunt is conveniently scheduled after the Chic Provence Tour.....Meaning...
YOU CAN DO BOTH!!!!!!! Just click on the Eiffel Tower on my right sidebar for further info.

And you should,,,,, you really, really, really should.  I would if I hadn't just gotten back.....
 And Robes would be soooooo jealous.......

All of the Paris photos were taken by Jermaine,,,, I'm sure she'd be happy to gve you some pointers.


  1. HI MaryAnne! how wonderful you are to post about BOTH these tours... I would love to have everyone come on the Chic Provence Design Tour, AND go with Jermaine to Paris either before or after... the PERFECT indulgence for to truly lift the spirits!!

    You are "tres gentile" in your lovely post..

    mille mercis!


  2. Look, for what the two of you are offering and the experience you both have not to mention the
    fact you both love to share your knowledge...... I think, no I KNOW people would love it!!!!!!!!xo Maryanne

  3. Maryann, these images are gorgeous, and I want to go to Frances so badly!
    Thank you for taking us along for the visit.
    Happy Sunday.

  4. Sorry, France. Auto-correct doesn't know about France!

  5. I'd love to be participating in either of these, but having spent a month in France this past fall, sadly another trip is not in my budget this spring. ;-( I'm green with envy of anyone who does go on either of these adventures. My dream! ~ Sarah

  6. Dear Maryanne, South and Provence are the best .
    I'm waiting for you

  7. Maryanne,

    You are so kind to help us spread the word of our tours...with my mom being from Texas you know that shopping is in my genes and I am so excited to share what I have learned from my many years of shopping Paris and to also offer our guests the luxury of insiders' expertise via Haleigh and Serge. Hopefully we will do it again when you can go with us!



  8. Hi,
    These trips would be a dream. I would love to do this. I am going to save this post just in case some day I get lucky enough to go.

  9. i adore these posts!!
    i may ask you for some images to use at the America Cancer Society in Boca Raton this year.
    i want to do a slide show.
    the them is a 'night in paris'