Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Provisions in Paris, Ile St Louis..

While getting provisions in Paris, Robes and I have our little things we like.....
The first day he went to the market alone and got things HE wanted..... I think because
I had been there in Sept while he watched the shop.....Then when I saw what he arrived at the apartment with I saw a few things missing....... So, we headed down to Ile St Louis.... 
This is a restaurant on Rue De L'Ile 
  Sign not too enticing....

But look at what in hanging in the window..... All fresh!!!!!!!  NO Plastique food thank you very much. 
 I was ready to crunch on some of those gorgeous radishes....They serve them with a little unsalted butter.

But I was on a mission,,,, I wanted some Point L'Eveque cheese.....Hit Paydirt here!!!!!!

Also you will notice the terrine de lapin is missing.....
That is because the young gentleman was cutting a petite morseau pour MOI.
AND they had Proscuitto San Danielle.........YUMM!!!!!! 
 And wine so we didn't have to make an extra stop.

This was where we got the flowers From Patrick Allain........

So Pretty

Snapdragons??? We got Hyacinths, roses, and orchids...... And a bouquet of Fuschia colored flowers. 
 I blogged on his shop a few weeks ago.

I have know idea what happened here but I liked it so here you go.....
Maybe I was reeling from the fragrance.  Literally.

Down on the corner was Le Regis Blanc a great restaurant/bar., where we could not only  nab a baguette on the way home but suck up a fabulous fresh mint Mojito.

I saw on the mirror they have bouillabaisse........Will definitely try that next time.

Soooo Fun.  Wait staff were easy on the eyes too....... Nice....


  1. You know that I would have thought I had died and gone to Heaven had I been there! How do they get those radiated to do that? Mine are round, plump little things.
    Thank you for sharing and for making me hungry, lol.
    happy Wednesday.

  2. Just seeing your photos makes me ready to go, now! Love!!

  3. GREAT PICS:) I really like your much nice inspiration.
    I wish you a lovely week:)

    LOVE Maria at

  4. Have a great time while you are here. The brocantes are in full swing!

  5. Are you in Paris Now?? I didn't know...and am a tad green! I want to go back...badly. Went to school there for awhile. Lived the life. Enjoy every morsel and scent and sound!

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