Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Wonder of Arte Pura

As you know, when we get in a shipment of Arte Pura it is like xmas around here......
Here is the Magia bedspread /duvet unironed right out of it's beautiful bag.

This customer designed it with the Elegant lace on the border... And no center crochet.

When we get a bedspread in we undo it so we can check it out and also photograph it.
See the organza wrapped around the volante?

We left the same pillows from the bed on our floor that go with the lilac that was underneath this spread.
 This spread/duvet was simply placed over it......

Sooo Pretty!

They make curtains too..... Sometimes I think this is a great alternative to a headboard.
I am not a tabtop girl but these big pearls make the curtains so elegant!  The lace can be in the center like this or on the side.  The lace is the same as on the spread.

THIS is what was underneath.... Same Bedspread/duvet different options. 
Amazing..... What so you think???????


  1. Just beautiful. I truly love their work. I wish I could afford to do an entire bedroom.
    Hope that you are having great week, Maryanne.

  2. OK it is beyond beautiful!

    Flora Doora

  3. Amazing with a capital A!!! LOVE the lace on the skirt. Must be selling like mad!

    Hugs to you, girlie.


  4. Oh so beautiful, I adore this line and would love an entire bedding set!!
    Enjoy the weekend Maryanne!

    Art by Karena

  5. I adore this line...I know that you have to be doing a lot with it...XO Hope you have had a fabulous weekend. Mona

  6. I have to have that duvet... love at first sight.