Sunday, May 20, 2012

Northern Italy Quake, Thinking of our Friends at Arte Pura

Three earthquakes occurred in the Emilia Romagna Region of Northern Italy.
The first was 22miles North of Bologna. At least 6 people were killed in Bologna it hit at 4AM.   This damage was from the  small town of Finale Emila from
the 5'1 After shock 12 hours later.

The third was a 4.1 aftershock.......

This is a Cathedral in Carpi, Italy" DUOMO".  Carpi is the home of of our Dear Friends at Arte Pura
 and it's headquarters the Company Greda in the region very close to the quakes hit.
 This picture was taken before the quakes.
We don't know what the situation is there. 
 We do know a lot of damage has been done to ancient historic buildings in the region.

They make beautiful things like this.  We hope our Familia at Arte Pura and Greda and their families are ok. 
We have called and emailed  not heard anything yet. They are in our prayers. 
Thanks to Daniella, Stephania,Betty, Enrico, Michaelo, Angelo, Luisita, and Azzalea.xo

We heard from them this AM! Everything A Ok but lots of damage all around.  And the clock in the first picture? It came down completely in the third aftershock.
Built in the 12th century they say they will try to rebuild it...... Hope so.....


  1. Hope everyone of your friends at Arte Pura are doing well after this tragedy. It happens here in Chile than when we are hit by earthquakes all the comunications get lost, so hope they come back soon and you get some news from them.
    many hugs to you

  2. omg
    i just heard about this.
    it is so sad.
    earthquakes freak me out.

    i will pray for them

  3. I have not seen or heard anything in the news about this... I had my fill of earthquakes while living in Calif. Hope your friends are all OK.

  4. Thanks, to you all. We are not getting much news here..... It is on BBC and online. If we are a global economy why doesn't the major networks mention things like this?????? It makes me sick. MA

  5. This is terrible! I do hope your friends are all well!

  6. So sad. You wonder why.
    Hopefully they can rebuild the buildings. Sad to learn there were deaths.