Friday, July 20, 2012

It's Coming!!!!!!!! Our Third Annual Knitwear Trunk Show!!!!!

Yes we are doing it again for all you wonderful
Beadboard Collection Knitwear Fans!!!!!!!
We are putting on the finishing touches, this is a taste of what you'll see..... Stay tuned for the dates 5 days only....Towards the end of the month. You pick style, size, and color and there are a lot of colors !!!!!!!!!!! Lots of new styles and your favorites from last year....Stay tuned!!!!!!!

And YES!!!!!!!!She'll be back!!!!!!!


  1. Such beautiful pieces. Know it will be another huge success. Happy Summer. Mona

  2. Can't wait...still love the scarf I got!!

  3. Hello dear Maryanne ~ Cannot believe it's been 3 YEARS since you've introduced your knitwear line. I remember the first year and how exciting it was. The pieces are just as wonderful now! I hope you and Robes are doing very well? I feel so disconnected not blogging, I really miss not keeping up with you. I'm still sad that we never got to come to Brenham and go out for dinner together. I always wanted Graham to meet you both. I hope to get back on the blogging saddle soon! Just know I'm thinking of you both and wishing you a terrific weekend ahead.

    xxx Deb