Friday, July 6, 2012

Where have I been? Codarus Showroom in Dallas!

TARA SHAW  MAISON has moved their Houston showroom
to a new home.

They now have a home at the CODARUS showroom in the Dallas
World Trade Center.

In a bright new airy showroom the collection looked fabulous. 

 Loved this white chair with the silver handle, available in a tapestry like fabric too.

Everything beautifully merchandised not crammed in the pieces were given the space they needed.

Vignette after vignette elegance and old world French and Italian

Everywhere you looked a visual surprise.

This is coming Beadboard.....

Anyone in need of a bedcrown???????

Or Two???? Just a little thing to make an impact.......

Loved this mirror and the tapestry thrown over the upholstered

All the accessories were so suited to the furniture......
Yes! My client and I loved it.... More to come from other vendors in the new showroom!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the Blog interruption....... Lots hapening here.  Some personal, some from nature like the cricket invasion of biblical proportions, some just busy at the shop...... I appreciate you reading.....
And blogger is driving me nuts.


  1. beautiful! I love Tara Shaw, and would love to go see the Dallas World Trade Center someday! Have a great weekend.

  2. Oh how I love that chandelier!! Fiona

  3. Also a TSM fan! It's so funny you posted these bed crowns today... My husband was rearranging his home office, complaining about the enormous XL wire dog crates taking up half of his office, and how it's not really his office -- it's the dogs' bedroom. And I said, that's IT! Let's put each crate coming straight out from the wall like they're twin beds, and I'll design coronas with drapery so that everyone will recognize my puppy prince and princess for the royalty that they are!

    Bernie did not think this was nearly as funny as I did... ;-)

    Hope all is well with you, Robes, and the crickets!

  4. Hi Sis,
    I am pleased to see you back!! Love everything you showed us today!! Oh dear, the chair with the silver handle, the bedcrown,.... oh yes I love this all!!
    How are you both my dears?! Hope you have some time to relax!! We are looking forward to our holidays within 2 weeks! I do hope the Belgian weather will be gorgeous, so that we will be able to enjoy our garden! I do hope to see you again in Paris in September of next January!!
    Hugs and kisses!

  5. love everything on Tara Shaw collection. thanks for sharing. happy weekend!

  6. Loved, loved everything! Thank you for sharing!

    Flora Doora

  7. Happy to see you back!
    I love Tara's work, especially the "Hatfield" cabinet that I have seen. Thank you for taking these gorgeous images. I also love the throw, and the crown and the chest it is sitting on!
    Happy Monday.

  8. Thank you so much for the wonderful blog! We are so pleased you love our new line! Please visit us on our Facebook page at and on twitter Codarusshowroom !! We will be featuring you on our Facebook!

    -Codarus Family

  9. Thank You!!!!!!! It was my pleasure, and having Tara Shaw up front with that white floor was strikingly beautiful. Hope you had a great market.Maryanne;)Thanks for putting us on your facebook page!!!!!!!!!!

  10. okay my love......
    this is right up my alley!


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