Sunday, February 3, 2013

Snow in Paris, Sizziling at Arte Pura Spring 2013

This is the NEW new at Arte Pura.  Previewed in Paris last month at Maison et Object.  This is one of three new ensembles introduced there.... This Maggiorana Petticoat dress.  This  is not showing the underlying colored dress that will accompany it in the color of your choice.... Cute no???? 

Next the Rosemarino with cutwork and embroidery, now they have to call this clothing as NO ONE is wearing THESE to bed. This is a sample, they will fine tune some more before sending it out to AP fashion afficianados.

This the Zefferano, a light cotton dress with lace detail.

Here is new bedspread, the Cerfoglio 2.009 doubles as a duvet with coordinating  pillow. All done is a simple tone on tone stripe with ribbon detail.

Here is one of the new colors and trims, From September a thicker lace that resembles a crown or teardrop. The new green color is a softer bluer green like spring called #412 "Linfa Old" they call it "milk and mint".  The new lace on the sheet and the small pillow is the Petal embroidery ..... Small dots with Lily of the Valley (Muguets) and leaves and flowers.... We already have an order for this sight unseen in as a tablecloth border and believe me I am ordering for the shop.

A new simple curtain in Cotton Voile gauzy-like with billowing valance.5.014 Assenzio

A new Pillow with the Teardrop lace in Angelo Old (I think).
with ties

This is a great example of the new Petal Embroidery,  I personally love this, shown here on a tablecloth.
I encourage you to enlarge to see the detail.
I ordered a tablecloth for the shop in this.....Would look great in the middle of a duvet too.

The coordinating Pillow.......

Shown here on Terry towels..... I also love their Linen towels with trim for guest Powder rooms......

Gorgeous new curtain 5.015 Valeriana Look Familiar??????

This is what makes Arte Pura Unique.  The interplay of the laces throughout the tabletop,bedding, curtains, bath and clothing are always evident.

Here we see the other new color Aurora Old, butter with a hint of mustard with the Linfa Old new green on the slipcover.
The bottom tablecloth has the Elegant Lace and the yellow and white runner to the right have the new petal embroidery.

The Candles will also be available in the two new colors and trim.

Some examples of the Linfa Old Green in the bath in terry and linen.

Love this!!!!!!!!!!
So there you have the latest and greatest from Arte Pura...
More coming up From Rivera Maison, Anne de Solene, and some surprises!!!!!!!! Best to you my wonderful Readers AND Beadboad is now on facebook!!!!!!!!! It is under the name of Beadboard Upcountry
(couldn't do a large C) Will be posting more over there!!!!!!!And at my Personal site under Maryanne Flaherty!/maryanne.flaherty.1

I know we're late bloomers but wanted to wait until AP got theirs up!!!!


  1. Hi...wondering when the new line will be available? I love the Zefferano! Thanks

  2. Orders were being takwen at the show..... I have the Price list if you send your email and use the contact Us on, we can send the colors and pricing and size info......

  3. Hi Maryanne, I love it so much! It just gets better, doesn't it?? And I always think, how can they get any better!! I hope to order some pillows for our bedroom as soon as I move back in.....gorgeousness!


  4. That is all breath taking.
    I am using one of my large vintage lace
    table cloths or lace curtains
    and making me a top LOL
    I LOVE it all
    I am so glad I read your post I was
    just thinking of cleaning out all my old
    vintage lace tablecloths
    How wonderful you got to view these in person
    I love the soft green color

  5. Fun. I love the embellishments and beautiful colors.

  6. All of this is wonderful, Maryanne!!!