Thursday, February 28, 2013

I'm in love with Anna French and Thibaut!

Everyone knows Thibaut and Anna French from the UK teamed up with beautiful fabrics, laces and wallpapers.
But now they are offering furniture.......

The furniture will have the beautiful offerings of both with the added treat of wallcoverings........ This duvet fabric blows me out of the water. By Thibaut. Gibralter Embroidery in Blue.

This is a great selection of Anna French' s Ballad Collection. Light and medium weaves of embroidered linens in fabulous colors with a European edge of sophistication......The following images are part of that collection.

I know you are getting sick of me saying this but this is my favorite...Standish Embroidery available in Flax, White and Blue....The flowers are amazing they pick up colors around them. 
 On the white they look lilac in some light.... Amazing!

This is the Arran Embroidery. Big, Fortuny like, only better I think as the background weave is a herringbone........

This is a clever mix of Lace and a contemporary metal table
called Chalice.

Here is Roselli Trellis..... There is a pinkish color way that is to die for.

The Francis Embroidery can go with anything....  

Here is the Lithgow Stripe.

This is Thibault fabric featured on one of their ottomans..... Their new furniture line is fabulous......This is from a new collection Biscayne,

Nope not Lilly Pulitzer, Thibault........

One of their new chairs. Priced Very nicely I might add with a nice selection of finishes........

I can see myself curling up here and love the wall paper.

 Another example of the furniture and a wallpaper coordinating with a previous fabric in this post. I think they are doing a great job!
Now available to the trade as well as our wonderful customers at
Beadboard UpCountry.  Already proving itself to be a favorite!!!!!!


  1. Oh, I've always loved Anna French. There's something so sweet and wistful about her vintage-inspired floral wallpapers, but the colors have a current punch to them that keeps the patterns fresh. I'm loving the tufting details on the furniture, too.

  2. Maryanne,I adore the fabrics,the wallpaper, the Fortuny inspired is gorgeous.
    Love the gorgeous tufted pieces in the new line, very elegant. That ottoman is so fresh and vibrant!

    Art by Karena

  3. The Chesterfield sofa is a beauty. So many wonderful patterns and colours Maryanne, no wonder you love them all; timeless and so elegant. I hope you and Robes are terrific? Sending you all my best from cold Aberdeen. xx

  4. Those are lovely patterns
    and that chair and couch... so gorgeous.

  5. Oh my goodness! I always find gorgeousness her, Maryanne!
    Love every single one too.
    Happy Sunday.

  6. These fabrics are so soft and elegant. Love the wallpaper

  7. Hi Maryanne! Thank you for showing all these wonderful fabrics...there's only so far you can go with a delicate 18th c piece! Beautiful designs..and love the color! XO Trish

  8. I've never been so in love with fabrics as I've been with the ones Thibaut designs. My favorites are from the Shangri-La series. They are beautiful and whimsical at the same time. The colors are sublime Thank you for featuring Thibaut!

  9. I'll have to check out the Shangri-La series. the three I have are Aria, Lyric, and Ballad..
    In addition to severa Thibaut ones.Maryanne;)

  10. Gorgeous selections Maryanne... They are so pretty and I love the chairs and sofa... xv

  11. I grew up with Thibaut wall paper in Houston in the 50's Whin I owned Chez Moi Interiors I carried the whole line. Fabulous products.

  12. OOOH! I would have loved to have seen those....