Friday, April 16, 2010

Arte Pura is here in the US NOW!!!! We have it exclusively...

Well, the gorgeous Italian Linens we have been waiting for have arrived at Beadboard.
Arte Pura de Fianco al Paridiso, (meaning pure art next to heaven) sure feels like it is, and more. Arte Pura is the first Italian linen bedding we actually imported ourselves, so it is EXCLUSIVELY AT BEADBOARD UPCOUNTRY. Yes, the little shop in the country is the first in the country to bring in what designers have been traveling to Europe to procure for their clients.

This is their new bedspread, Ciottolo. Italian Linen that has a hand like butter with wonderful texture, and a surprise. It arrives packed in its own linen overnite carry bag with an organza patch and embroiderd logo on the side. It appeals to the younger set because the relaxed volante or ruffle can tuck into a platform bed. On a vintage bed it casually hangs over a bedskirt or by itself as a soft border.

Swarovski crystal accent pillows lasered on so they are fused into the fabric....

Look at the texture of this ..Ok all you wrinklephopic beings......This is the answer. And here's the truth. In Europe they are not ironing their linen. AND NEITHER IS THEIR HELP!
They enjoy it for what is, wrinkled elegance (as Robes says.) Oh and you'll never catch him ironing linen.

Colors that are all mottled, pre washed, gorgeous. Something for everyone. Also available in a wide array of fabulous tablelinens.........Robes actually made this clothline with some little clothespins we got in France.....I think he did a pretty good job!! Each piece has a vellum tag and a piece of organza also embroidered with the logo, the detail and presentation are suberb.

Double flanges and ties on all four sides.

16" Federa con stampa pillow with generous double layer ruffle.

I am not one for bathroom accroutrements. I think most are contrived, but I love this. Made from the same terrycloth as the coordinating towels, a tissue box cover with Swarovski crystal. There's also one without crystal but with a big linen bow like the pillow below.
This BELONGS in the bathroom don't you think?

How cute is this??????

Did I mention pajamas? They offer linen shirts too, so we thought we were ordering them but ordered pajamas completo. (2 pajama sets.) Robes thought he was getting a shirt :(. No robes for Robes this time but we are already taking orders for our accidental pj's in several colors.....
And learning Italian.... Arrivaderci? Maybe not.....For a recent commentary on the line go to
posted April 13th, just put Arte Pura in the search box.


  1. Okay -- the pajamas and the Federa con stampa pillow ---- LOVE!

    How fun for you!!!


  2. Thanks Ruth! We are sailing uncharted waters... I love that you get it!!!!

  3. Hi Maryanne,

    Love all that you shared, the white
    bedspread, Federa con pillow and the pyjamas ~ are all gorgeous.
    Good luck with learning Italian.

    Enjoy your weekend

  4. Oh how exciting!
    It all looks and sounds so delicious! I am still dreaming about that bed spread - it is so fabulous!

    Bet you are enjoying the shop now!

    xx Charlotta

  5. Maryanne,
    Oh too too fabulous, the luxury and detail of these linens is beyond!! I just had to follow... was missing out!

    I have a new post up I think you will enjoy!

    Art by Karena

  6. I just popped over from French Kissed.
    I love the new linens, they are delicious!

    Lovin' your blog too.

  7. I am loving that Ciottolo spread! Glad to hear the Europeans have given up ironing their linens...I never iron mine whether bed or table linens... I spritz them with a fine mist of water. Leaves them with a friendlier texture.


  8. Hello darling Maryanne, what a great new items for your shop, this sheets are superb!!! and the pijamas too!!! It`s a great pleasure to visit you again, so many pretties to see, and so many good food you have been trying, delicious!!!
    I was quite off due to the big shaking we had, and slowly, very slowly things are being settled down.
    Lots of hugs to you,
    Maria Cecilia

  9. Oh hello there Maryanne..

    What a beautiful collection of linens.. I may never want to get out of bed again. And I love the fact that linens are so much more relaxed these days.. ironing sheets is so impractical.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comment today and for being my 200th follower. I can see why you enjoyed the post. Looking forward to sharing more design inspiration...


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  11. This is a beautiful brand !! It is so great you are the 1st shop to offer them in the States ! Congratulations

  12. Hi again Maryanne! You're it! I tagged you on my last post to dip a toe into your photo archive and tell us a story behind your 10th photo. If you wish (or have time!) to play. XO Trish

  13. Love your new items, especially the bedspread!

    Leeann x

  14. I think those pj's might have my name on them!, love the bedding!

  15. Oh...nothing like thick wrinkly linen! Beautiful! And those pj's...I would HAVE to wear them out of the house! How fun...

  16. Hey Maryanne, these are fabulous! I have to send Teri over there right away and get that Italian bedspread that feel like butter..Ciottolo!




  17. what exquisite linens! I can see why you are so excited to be carrying it - it's absolutely gorgeous! :)

  18. MaryAnne my friend, you are going to be busy! Busy selling like crazy! I agree with Linda (In the Coconut) - the PJ's should be worn out of the house. I can easily see that everything is top quality. Bravissimo!

    Ox, Mon

  19. Can only imagine Maryanne how lovely it would be to slip between those magnificent sheets. Then to offer pajamas as well. You made a great choice to stock this line. In this chase, wrinkles are chic! Lovely weekend to you my dear xx

  20. Robes told us about this line when my sister and I were in your store during Round Top antique week. The bedding is yummy and I can just feel the pajamas. Good for you on this fabulous find.

  21. You made a wonderful choice my friend!! Love it all! The tissuebox cover is a very beautiful idea for a present!!
    Greetings to Robes !!

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  24. thanks for letting me touch it even though you know i cant afford;;;;; were you nervous i was going to lay my fat baby on it!;;;;; just kidding! I LOVE THE COLOR SWATCH CLOTHES LINE! great picture..yall are awesome!

    Love, Holly

  25. This is just fabulous!!
    Love it all, saw it at the show and flipped for all of it!

  26. love ittttttttttttttttttttttttttt ,,how can i have buy this brand thanks