Thursday, April 8, 2010

La "Carrotte" Rehab after Round Top

Anyone who is a regular reader of this blog knows we work hard running our shop in Brenham Texas. This time of year is particularly busy as we are open some nights and 12 days straight for all the thousands of visitors in this area attending the Round Top Antiques Fair and the spectacular regional wildflowers.

So, Robes and I decided to treat ourselves to a "carrot". On Easter Sunday we came here for Rehab, or Sunday Brunch. The Inn at Dos Brisas, part of Relais and Chateau located right here near Brenham.

This is on the grounds of Dos Brisas, brimming with bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush...

Here is Robes having an aperetif before brunch in the bar. Then my battery on the camera went south. I was cute, for once, I had a hat and everything......(It never goes south for HIS pictures. HMMM..) OH, notice the pink shirt, unstained.

The back of the facility with the pool. There are private casitas you can stay in, riding is available and they had a horse and buggy for those who wanted to imbibe. US? We wanted champagne and to sample the delicious menu chef Jason Robinson concocted for brunch. And what a delicious brunch it was, served by the excellent staff........

We did that Here......Starting with an Amuse Bouche of Deviled farm Fresh Eggs, with trufffles...
Next was Salmon beggars purses with crab for Robes and Morel Agnotti topped with Foie Gras and shaved truffles for Moi. Fabulous.

These are a sampling of the level of cuisine (not what we had) We had an "Intermezzo " of chilled Fennel soup topped with caviar. All of this was accompanied by a lovely bottle of Domaine Tempier Bandol Rose.

I opted for Lamb as the main course, with wild ramps, and Madiera Jus, while Robes had "Surf and Turf" a Wagyu Petit Filet, Grilled African Prawns and watercress with wine jus.
Dessert was Valrona Crepes with malted ice cream & salted rum caramel.

This, obviously, was not Robes's dessert but the color of the Strawberry Napoleon with the Strawberry Champagne Gelee was as red as the red here. It ended up all over his pink shirt, I kept calling him "Chuckie" as it was all over his napkin looking like a "Halloween movie". He folded the napkin so no one could see underneath, I was hysterical......He looked like he'd been in a sword fight. (and lost).

We just exude class don't we?

So thanks for a lovely afternoon at the Inn at Dos Brisas. You can get more info at

A little dessert for you!!!!! ( not as messy )


  1. Wow, I had no idea there was something like this so close to Brenham. Unfortunately when we come for Roundtop there is no time for such a nice treat. I know it was a much needed "rehab" after a crazy week.

  2. How wonderful for you and Peter to treat yourselves. You and I were just talking about this place! I have yet to go there, but I know it is wonderful.

    Did you find the Mora clock at Round Top that you were wanting for your client?

  3. Wow, we have got to try that place next time, it sounds amazing! I'd heard of it but did not realize how fabulous the food was. My mistake obviously and one to be remedied next time. I can't wait to go there!


  4. Absolutely divine! You are so good at describing luxurious food, places and events that I want to tag along everytime!

  5. Oh Maryanne! What a beautiful place and incredible menu! So glad you enjoyed yourselves, and by the way, my friend commented on how well dressed your husband was when we came by the shop! Love the pink shirt, too. Wish we could have seen you - I am sure you looked very cute!

  6. You both deserved it and needed it ? How was the shop going during the fair ?
    I can't believe you had domaine des tempiers , Bandol. I live pretty close to this domaine and it is one of my favorite rosé

  7. Oh, that looks just lovely and delicious! Thanks for sharing with us, I really enjoy seeing what goes on in my blog friends' "real lives"!

  8. I'm glad you and Robes found appropriate awards. In my books, you deserve awards for finding and saving those wonderful antique French linen pillow shams with the hand embroidered A.S. and T.H. on them!

  9. My witty and stylish blog friend - what a well deserved treat! Next time my huz and I will be joining you - you always seem to have such a grand time together! (And my huz attracts stains as well! (:

    Happy weekend dear,


  10. Hi Maryanne,

    How fabulous that you and your husband were able to go out and treat yourselves to a wonderful lunch.
    The food looks divine and always great to see what gastronomical delights others are enjoying.

    Happy weekend

  11. Maryanne,
    This place looks marvellous! If we ever visit you, we have to go for dinner there! Don't we?!
    Maryanne, thank you for your nice comment on my post of today.
    I have to say that I red the sadest news that the mum of Amanda (Oliveaux blog) passed away yesterday.

    Have a nice weekend you two!

  12. Thanks Greet. I know, I was the first to leave a comment, if anyone follows Oliveaux, Amanda's mom had been ill for a while. Go over to Oliveaux and let,her know she's in our thoughts......Also Ruth at a Beautiful Life lost her mom recently.....Maryanne

  13. Glad you were able to have a special lunch and treat yourselves!

  14. What a meal!!
    Just found your blog and look forward to following. Love your name and header!!
    Have a lovely day:)

  15. Hi, I was blog hopping and stumbled across your blog. I lived in Brenham for a few years and loved the place. My parents still live there and I come to town when I can. I was there during spring break but came in town on a day that you were closed. Hope to see your beautiful shop next time.

  16. Everything about that place exudes gorgeousness.What a terrific afternoon for you and for Chuckie, I mean Robe's! As you can tell I never made it to Round Top and I'm completely disappointed. I hope it was a huge success for the shop & great fun had by all.
    Once graduations are over, the MS Ride is behind us, there will be more frivolous fun time? One can dream..ha! Thanks for the dreamy delight of you gorgeous meal. xxoo deb