Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I've been tagged, so I'm it!

Mon Ami, Trish, 'The Princess of Trouvais" ( a nom de plume bestowed on her by Jermaine, the princess of French Kissed) tagged me to dig in to my archives and come up with the 10th picture in there. Well my computer crashed a while ago and I lost some, and it could have been a picture of a "before" piece of needy upholstery BEFORE we took it to Beadboard Rehab and redid it. So I thought I would share this.

These are the two big penguins in the shop our first xmas, we had many little ones
and you might wonder why these two BIG ones are going for a ride in a ragtop... Well they were purchased by great customers of ours and they wanted them OVERNIGHTED to Colorado as a Christmas surprise. GULP! I thought these would just go into someone's SUV and go home.
They were so big I had to put the top down to get them in the car for the ride to the UPS store. I brought in the small one first and they were speechless but when I brought in the big one their jaws hit the ground. This also involved UPS building a box so big it had almost had to go freight, me with a glue gun later in the day gluing on a busted wing, (having already jury rigged a broken beak.) They were made of styrofoam. Not tooo sturdy........But all's well that ends well, penguies ended up in Cool Colorado, much happier than in warmer south Texas. By the way, they, as well as passers by enjoyed the ride. And the surprised and delighted recipients had two unexpected and unusual xmas guests....


  1. Oh, I am soooo glad this was your 10th photo in the file...Hysterical! You in your convertible with 2 giant penguins...I am sure you got a lot of very strange and puzzled looks. I think this is an original! Thank goodness you captured it by photo.

    ~jermaine~ www.french-kissed.com

  2. Boy...you sure go the extra mile for your customers...!!! Bet you attracted a wee bit of attention driving about town! Very cute picture, merci! Trish

  3. That's too funny! I bet those passers-by either quit drinking or drank more after seeing a wild redhead and giant penguins fly by.

  4. Good thing you have a convertible! Very cute picture!

  5. P.S. I just showed this photo to TH...he whispered, "That's very weird." Of course we both know that he adores "weird."

  6. 1ST blog I check this morning and you make me laugh...

  7. Maryanne, you needn't make excuses for your odd set of friends... we all have them...

    I missed you at the Spring Market yesterday!

  8. Oh Maryanne,
    This is just a gorgeous picture!!! Oh I had to laugh my dear!! Hahaha....
    Oh and thank you (and Peter)so much for the sweetest comment on my post of the featuring in the Beta-Plus book!

  9. I would have loved to see you passing by in your convertible with those big penguins, what a delightful moment would have been. Woman like you are not usual here in Chile, you look so happy as well!!!!!
    Maria Cecilia