Monday, April 18, 2011

"Beach" House in the Country!

It is rare when I get a chance to see Beadboard's work in a beautiful setting such as this.
This is the country home of Karen Beach a friend and client.  I refer to it as the "Beach house" because it has a beach in the back of it......This window overlooks it. That is one of our Beadboard sofas with a slipcopver one of several pieces  Karen sourced from our shop.... Her friend Leslie Sinclair did a beautiful post on it this morning.

For more pictures of this house and reflections of the owner's good taste, go to Leslie's Blog Note the upstairs sitting room,
 I love that white and grey print sofa!(if I say so myself!)


  1. Hi Maryanne,

    Absolutely gorgeous! what a wonderful beach house.
    Thank you for showing us and I loved everything.
    I want the sign ... Next stop Paris.

    Happy week

  2. This is a wonderful home! Love the livng room and the sofa with those great pillows!