Saturday, April 2, 2011

Romancing Round Top!

I usually do tasteful posts on Swedish and European furniture available here Antiques week.
NOT THIS TIME!  Here it is: WARRENTON, TEXAS down the road from Round Top where it gets down and dirty, great deals, entertainment and bumper to bumper yesterday.......Above, the Famous Vehicle of the Junk Gypsies who put on a "Prom" one night every Round Top with Full Western Regalia, (mostly sold by them) Cowboy hats, tulle skirts, boots..........

Beautiful weather, there is everything is here,stylewise, some retro, country, shabby chic, jewelry,
garden you name it. They do not shoe horses here.

I especially loved this sign...... It was among those on the fence advertising twinkies, oreos, and funnel cakes... I wonder, is there any Carolyn Quartermaine here???? It there is, does it smell like Kettle corn?????
Whowever 's sign this is, you have to give them credit.... They are trying......

If the twinkies aren't titilating your tastebuds, how bout some FRIED ones. 
 YEAH! THAT will make them much better!

Something for everyone, cinnamon buns, kolaches,quiche, lasagna, a veritable European smorgasbord.....
This is fabulous, if you read the top of the banner it says"Home Style" on the left but what is a "Cold Air Drink"?  Who cares? Notice this is place is not empty and has a "Make em all happy!" mentality....
 More power to em!

Everywhere you can get Cold Beer, Tex Mex and great Bar-B-Que.  Just good old Texas style Fun.!!!!

And other stuff.....

Oh and beware of these "pies".  Yes the infamous "cow pies", not offered in restaurants, but located strategically in the fields among Swedish, and French furnishings.........Recycled grass/ hay as it is, all part of the uniqueness of antiquing here.......
Until the Fall Antiques show......... Your roving reporter......
OOH, I just stepped in something.....


  1. okay.
    i am sick in bed,
    and now i am dying over the
    'designer fabric' sign.

    ....and the pie too.

  2. Oh I love it, all of it, the kettle corn, cow pies, and ridiculous signs! We just got back on Sunday with two trucks full of glorious things and I can't wait to go back in the fall!

  3. Like the "High End" sign as well!
    Gave me a big smile, well spotted!

    Greetings from Périgord-France

  4. Your sense of humor and your positiveness is infectious my dear. You 'gotta' love Texas in all it's glory! Makes me sad how much I've missed, cow pies and all. Hello to Robes too. xo xo Deb

  5. You made my day with that Designer Fabric sign, I can just visualize dozens of designers and bloggers reacing over to grab the best!! (Me included)

    Art by Karena

  6. Want to hear and see it all! Love the honest to goodness (and a "oui" bit less French) glimpse! Wish I was there. With boots on! XO Trish

  7. as always you made my day , you are si positive . I can't believe it is round top again , each time I'm telling myself I must go and everytime I miss it