Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Parisian Restaurant Renovation

Our favorite oyster bar....... on Rue St Jacques off  St Germain in the Cluny area of Paris in the 5th.
Simply named "the Oyster Bar"....

Under new ownership, we have eaten there a few times, and love the variety and the presentation.

The new interior is contemporary silver and grey with  neutral accents.

I loved the new light fixtures. 

Details, details.  And Presentation.....

The oysters come on a tall tray with dry ice spilling "smoke" out of it. 
Several different oysters, langoustines, crab, lobster, clams, are on the menu as well as many other seafood choices.

I love the way they serve, this is a flavored vinegar with fresh chopped shallots to dress the oysters. I also loved the rim of the plates.... Do you think it looks like Beluga Caviar????? If you are wondering why it was empty it is because it was very early in the evening and I wanted to get some shots of it with no people.
It is packed later in the evening. What did it look like before?

This.  Quite an improvement.....  But one thing has not changed, and that would be the
 way they pile up all of that seafood on mounds of ice on the corner outside......

How could any seafood lover resist this???  Dinner anyone???????
le bar a huitres, 33,Rue St Jacques, Paris in the 5th


  1. I oysters. Maryanne what a fun restaurant and the remodeling is gorgeous. I do hope you two are having a lovely warm weekend? Best to you both xo Deb

  2. Hi Maryanne,

    The Oyster Bar looks wonderful and yes, I would so love to dine here.
    Will write this in my book, for when we go back there again.

    Happy weekend

  3. Fabulous images Maryanne!
    Can nearly taste the Oysters!

    Best wishes for a lovely Sunday with lots of sun
    and greetings from the Périgord!

  4. Oh Maryanne!!! These oysters look delicious!! MMMmmmm!!! Next time in Paris we can meet there! Although...Jan is not really an oyster eater!!! We have to drop him somewhere else!! Ho! He won't like it I might think!!
    I think you two know Paris much better than we do!!
    Maryanne, about the calligraphie print on canvas on a chair! Great idea actually!
    Wish you both a wonderful Sunday!!

  5. Thanks for making me hungry for seafood! My pizza dinner doesn't cut it after viewing your pics!


  6. Hi Maryanne,
    Love the new design and love the quartier even more! When are you back in Paris for a meet up?
    La Mom

  7. What a fun restaurant and wonderful presentation...hope you're having a great time!!

  8. Y U M M M M M M M M ..............would love to join you there... we would never leave! he he ...xx

  9. Love the presentations in French isn't bad either!

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