Saturday, July 9, 2011

We Have an Arte Pura Muse!

This is the entrance to the Arte Pura Shop, La Galleria, in Firenze (Florence), Italy.
The picture was taken by our Muse, an adorable college student, with a good GPA, a cheerleader,
and a member of a sorority with 450 "sisters" at a major university.....

Isn't she cute?????
 She went on a trip to Europe this summer after falling in love with Arte Pura at our shop.
She is our Arte Pura, Muse......Miss Beadboard.  She is going back to the university with an Arte Pura Bed, and the Evento Slipcover and the padded puckered linen bag which she will be using to carry her laptop  around campus....

When we heard from her parents (who are absolutely delightful people) she was going to Florence, we called Arte Pura to let them know she was coming.  When she arrived at the shop with her friends on the tour, the owners knew her and greeted them all very warmly,  She was able to point out all
the things she had coming from our shop. 
 It is nice a company this size would do this for us and for her.

They let her take pictures..... She was so excited she emailed us when she got back,
 "They knew who I was!" 
The owners tried their best to treat her special with their limited English.

So enjoy the pictures sent to us by our new Muse.... Of Arte Pura...Oh and see that little white pitcher to the left???? Bella Bianca from Arte Italica!!!!!! So the shop is carrying that just like us! 

She emailed us " it reminds me so much of your shop!"

We were flattered because this is gorgeous.......

There is the Evento.....Her slipcover.

A beautiful display in a niche.

And here she is in our shop on "her" new bed with a few changes....
And, if any of her friends at school happen to see it..... She has all the answers.
Have a great year MB!
And Gratzie!

And Gratzie also to the owners of LaGalleria and Arte Pura....


  1. What a heartwarming story of friendship and treasured memories.

    Beautiful post

  2. Hi Maryanne,

    What a wonderful experience for your muse to be welcomed to the lovely La Galleria and Arte Pura and to get a tour of all the beautiful wares.

    Happy weekend

  3. Good morning Maryanne. What a precious muse! Love all the beautiful Arte Pura. Have a great day. Mona

  4. Oh my gosh!! A Beadboard miss! What a great story Maryanne! And what a wonderful experience for this girl!
    Maybe she will become your best client!!
    Hugs and kisses,

  5. Such a beautiful post. I love these linens.
    You have an adorable muse, and it appears that she is heading to school in style!
    Thank you for sharing this gorgeous images, and have a great week.

  6. Could not think of a better "Muse"! What a wonderful compliment to you! Yes, a areal Beadboard Miss, indeed!
    Great post!

  7. What a fabulous experience! The shop looks beautiful.
    Have a wonderful week Maryanne!

  8. What a beautiful young lady who will have one incredibly stylish and pretty dorm room. How very special that Arte Pura treated MB in such a marvelous way, and what a memorable experience for her, truly impressive.

    Have a great week Maryanne and Robes! Stay cool my friends.
    xo xo

  9. Hallo
    Do you know if this store Arte Pura still is in Florence?
    An do you know the adress
    Yvonne from Sweden