Friday, October 24, 2014

Our situation and maybe light at the end of the tunnel

BEADBOARD UPCOUNTRY is no more.  I have not blogged
since the beginning of it's demise..... So devastating...... We tried our best to keep it afloat but
a frugal German town in Texas was not the place to offer a shop of
this caliber....... EVER...... My own misjudgement of the mindset of the majority
of the people who live in this area was part of it.....  BUT most of the locals with class, taste and
intellect, "got it" and my own reaching out on social media helped keep it going for 8 years.
Some of the upper crust wouldn't shop here but would actually bring their holiday guests for"tours"
of the shop as if to show it off but they never supported it..... 
I want to thank those who did not only locally, but in Texas like Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and those from Oregon, California, the Carolinas, New York, Belgium, France, Australia, and Canada for taking a chance and buying from this little shop, in the country.  Also, thanking the designers who brought their clients here to see the extraordinary goods we strived to offer.....  We miss the interaction with the marvelous beings that entered our doors and let us come into their homes.  AND the support from the wonderful bloggers that made me feel like
one of them....... 
Merci and We love you all.

Robes and Maryanne xo

Friday, October 4, 2013

Exterior Design by Mother Nature

No Words.  Photographed by David Collins for the National Wildlife Federation.
Who says Nature doesn't decorate for fall......????????

Saturday, August 10, 2013


If you think it is too early to order your holiday linens, Think again!

These were ordered in  January last year and we got them in late February...... But now....Most of the European textile manufacturers are on there 3 week holiday.  Then they will be working on their new intros for market the 3rd week in Sept....... And things get pretty backed up.....

This is Juliska's new version of the Country Estate Pattern in Blue paired with the Citelle flatware from Ercuis and of Arte Pura's Evento Slipcover and an nice little summer linen sheath with a Gabriela Dror  Casual summer hat.

This is the newest trim or border from Arte Pura.... we paired it with all of the Country Estate, Juliska in Grey and mixed with pewter and Jardin du monde......

All the flatware on these place settings are Ercuis, France with Arte Pura Placemats. Four different settings but with the same company dinnerware from the same company.

Here is another version...... Oh and just for grins I put some plastic stemware in there...... People can't tell.

Fun to play with different looks.

The Colette Green Glass lightens up the table and softens the pewter.

Everyone knows I love fairies..... So I stuck a big one with a rose bronze dress in the middle of this one.

Oh and these little baskets Portaogettis, the Italians use for everything......Napkins, Glasses, Bread.... This one has the cornely rose on it.

This is another version with the arabesque linen.... You can roll up guest towels, put orchids in them, big candles.  For the trunk show I had a small one a put small bottles of pillow
 mist, soaps....... Endless....... So if you want any European linens...... Order soon.........Just some advice;) If you would like further information  we will be happy to email you the catalog and color card, it is all eye candy and you may get ideas to mix with your own treasures you already have at home........... just email us at and contact us........;)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Merci to ROMANTIC HOMES magazine and author Beth Livesay
 who chose the Beadboard UpCountry Blog
as one of 5 blogs for summer shopping inspiration in their August issue just out now!

Below is the recognition..... Also Congratulations to the four other
blogs, two from Australia I will be checking them all out.
For your convenience you will find links to them at the end of this blog
Also I want to say that I was  thrilled they included us in this particular issue.  There in information on English Flea Markets some great Euro Style DIY projects, and an article on French Flea Markets by none other than one of my blogging buddies Claudia Strasser, www.theparisapartment.blogspot.comwhose new book is featured
Paris, Flea Market Style...... Go grab a copy  and here are the links to the other;;; and
Oh and thanks to those who  bought from our trunk show (previous post) we still have several of the pieces available..... So let us know if you see anything you like!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013



This is the Formentera Dress in Bianco Size Meduim/6 Stretch cotton jersey with angled detail encasing Swarovski crystal at the bodice. The shoulder straps are braided Jersey covered with tulle, and the bottom is sporting the tulle lace, very French looking.  Buttons at the top are Brass Roses. We also have one in the Polevere Old color ( a mocha with a hint of mauve) in size
Large/8, 297.00

Meet Baleari a beautiful stretchable fine cotton blouse with ruched collar cuffs, and also down the sides. Add to that layers of sophisticated various laces and decorative buttons. No you don't have to button them all most are sewn on for decoration!  Goes from Jeans to Cocktail easily and makes a great jacket as shown below. 
Always something interesting in the back of these blouses!!

Here is Baleari shown over Fromentera as a jacket.  Baleari is 297.00 We have five in the bianco (the most popular color) as shown (2) size Large/8, Med/6, XXL/12, and an XL/10. In the Burro Old color (a creamy butter) We have a Large/8 and an XXL/12, also we have one in the Arguilla Old like a tea stained color we have a XXL/12 We also have The Fata Old a dusty lilac color in size XXL/12

Meet the lovely Elba. Cotton Voile and stretch jersey on the sides with layered bell sleeves and winding ribbon like decoration all over the front

It is exquisite from the button detail to the lace detail on the back....297.00 I love mine and have worn with jeans or for cocktail Elba layers well with shell or tank tops.  We have one as shown in the Perla Old size XXL/12

This gem is Nisida, a tunic length blouse that is gorgeous.  Our biggest selling Arte Pura Blouse in linen and stretch jersey down both sides. Ok I'm fessing up I have this one and love it the stretch jersey makes it so comfortable to wear.

See the buttons with the enamel the ballerina and the toe shoes also embellished with Swarovski crystal, arabesque embroidery and pearls AND sides are soft stretch cotton jersey to offset the linen

The elegant lace in the back and on the cuffs we have one in a size Large/8, 267.00
Soo cute this top with the shirred lace and the ribbed crop pants named Ustica  shown in Perla Old but the lace comes out in a lilac in the dying process sporting cute cuffs on the pants

This is a close up of the ribbed crop pants, Cute No?
 234.00 FOR THE SET. Size xxl/12

Say Hello to Stromboli in Linen with a v neck and slits on the bottom calf length a great shift for summer in the Linfa Old and cross betwween lime and mint
167.00(12) xxl  

Cousin to the Stromboli this is one with macrame lace on the bottom
Offered at 197.00 We have two larges (8) in Gesso Old as shown and in Bianco (white), also an xxl (12)in the Minerale Old.

 Let me present Rodi in linen with cornely rose bell cuffs and bottom with  3/4 length sleeves shown in Arguilla Old Slightly A-Line

Detail of the cuffs so pretty! also available in Bianco xxl/12
Incanto Old ( seaglass ) in xxl/12 and xxxl /14  
offered at 297.00

One of my favorites. Mykonos with puffy collar in cotton voile, lace on the bottom with stretch jersey on the sides and all those buttons, no worries most are decorative

Crochet lace sleeves with ruched cuffs out of jersey cashmere and tulle lace in the back and on the collar offered at 297.00
We have the one shown in size large or 8 

The prettiest long sleeved t shirt ever! With Swarovski down the middle and vertical lace parssementarie detail in Armonia Old size xl/10 we have this one shown 167.00

Another one of my personal favorites the Pantelliera set with blouse and pants with bell shaping and bow detail on both pieces shown here in Angelo Old size large/8 and also available in the Gesso Old size xxl/12

Details of the pretty cuffs on the crop pants and sleeves, set offered at 297.00

Meet Creta, MissPintucks I love this, it is more fitted than it looks.

We have two in Bianco shown in xxl/12 and xxxl/14, in Incanto Old or seaglass in a xxxl/14, in Perla Old in Large/8 in Gesso Old size xl/10 

I nabbed one of the Gesso Old ( mottled grey /taupe) for myself not the greatest model but you get the idea offered at 267.00

,Our Piana blouse beautiful buttons front and back and crisscross detail on the arms and back

Offered at 267.00 with cotton voile ruching and a puffy collar size xxl/12 but this runs small and they don't make it anymore as the detail on it took longer to make than a bedspread

This little gem is Salina, so pretty from the front and the back

Note the pretty back detail and the hand stitched cuffs, this is shown in the Perla Old size xxl/12 and we have a Large /10 in the Fata Old which is a pale dusty lilac 267.00

This is the classic Maddelena 2 Piece blouse/jacket and pant ensemble in linen shown in bianco. This is the basic pant for the whole collection this is an xl/10 and is priced at 277.00 One of our customers bought one in  the Lava Old (Steel Gray) loaded up with silver jewelry and wore it to the opening of the Santa Fe Opera! It fits beautifully

Here are the colors, you can special order if we don' t have in stock.Time frame varies depending on the time of year but what we have in stock shown in this blog ships when you order it. SIZES are as  follows: small would be a 4, medium a 6, large an 8,  xlarge a 10, xxl a 12 and a xxxl a 14. Keep in mind fitted pieces will be less forgiving than the looser linen ones
To Order email us at or call us for any advice or sizing or color at 979-830-8788
Return information: If garment does not fit refunds will be given only if returned in the original box in new condition unworn. Store credit for other items is also possible. Exchanges are also possible with stock pieces or by special order.  Shipping will be complementary . Please understand this is the first offering of Arte Pura clothing in the US and we will gauge our ordering by the response we get which so far has been great
Thank You

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Arte Pura "Couture"

Everyone knows Arte Pura for their home decor. 
 Bedding, curtains, tabletop, bath , accessories that are over the top.
Well the designer for this fantastic line of Italian Home decor did not start  in home decor...... She has been designing Ready to Wear
very successfully for 20years under the name of Elisa Cavalletti.
We were their guests at the Prete a Porter show in Paris in January.  WOW.  When she designed Arte Pura I guess the idea was to design "dreamwear" as they called it, to go with the home decor.
ONE PROBLEM.........

When she designed the dreamwear it was so cool no one wore it to bed.
 One customer bought the Maddelena  Linen jacket and pants in the Gray and wore it to the opening of the Santa Fe Opera, added a little Silver jewelry and Viola!  She said she never got more compliments.  ( She now owns 4 ensembles)
So it evolved into day dream wear, and finally clothing.
I am one of those people who said " I don't dress like I decorate."
UMMMM....I may be reconsidering. Available in all 32 colors.

I will be posting an inventory or mini trunk show of what we have in the shop now......Within the next few days....The interesting part of this is the bottom of the blouse is the Tulle lace from the home decor pieces, and the arms are the Crochet lace from there.
By the way all those buttons????????
All the brown ones are just decoration.........
No worries;)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Moore Flowers for Oklahoma

Flowers and a donation to the Red Cross for the  People in the Moore area of Oklahoma and southern Okla City..... I've experienced this but not at this intensity when my Aunt was living there....
My heart goes out to them.......