Sunday, February 28, 2010

EICHOLTZ: Dutch Design at it's Finest

I loved this showroom at M&O ( I know here she goes again ).
This was my favorite furniture showroom, not all of it my style but the way it was put merchandised was fabulous. This console table is aluminum with generously sized leather handles on the drawers from the Catalina Collection.

Even the accessories were stunners. Love this bar/table and the detail on the top. The slots are full with bottled water, I would have perhaps chosen other substances. The lamps had ethereal shades that filtered the light out beautifully.

Look at the oversized pieces behind the sofa...... They are huge but they work.....

The Royal Master Sealight Tripod Lamp. We've seen these stylings before but the craftsmanship of this is impeccable, and it is huge. There are some similarities with the new look of Restoration Hardware in the US. In my opinion, this company's lighting was more striking.

A lot of aluminum used with glass and a zebra print rug.
The table base is heavy and the glass is thick, nice proportion, no skimping here.

The designer is Theo Eicholtz, out of the Netherlands. I'm not a lover of SHINY furniture,
but the way this is done it is fabulous.

The outside of the showroom. The Royal Marine Tripod lamp right up front.

They also make over the top pendants. I loved them. Again VERY oversized, I mean they look twice as big as that guy's head! You can see more of this company He is evidently a very busy man as he does a contemporary line White Dragon Decor, and a more traditional line, Pieter Porters Collection. And NOW...

A big shout out to Kit from Chic Provence who was kind enough to bestow this little gem on my blog. I in turn am passing the torch to three blogs who I think are "sweet".
Chemin de Mugets
Papillon Linens
and after her riotus and sweet tribute to Renee Finberg,
Dumbwit Tellher!!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring Arrives Elegantly at Maison Pederrey

Ever since I have been attending Maison & Object this Belgian Company always made me think
that if I was ever going to do an outdoor living area I would like it to be with their furniture and accessories..

The quality of the products they make are top notch with beautiful clean lines and soothing colors.

The glass is made in Poland because the raw materials there according to Toni Van Parijs, one of the two delightful owners of the company, are superb. The vases are thick, clear and stunning.

Look how great this is with just three elements...
Do you love the little pet carriers/houses on the right?

This basketry is uniquely colored. A grey, beige that is made by letting it sit
in mud for a few days to achieve the color....

The wood is all reclaimed from old buildings so they are green!!!!

A florist comes in and does the flowers... Then takes them all away after 5 days. Waah!
Where do they go?????

This basket of hyacinths says spring to me. It's coming...

I thought I'd end it just the way it started.....These buds are for you!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Bugatti, Italy: Wow Design and Bling?

Robes and I love a good shot of espresso and have been in search of a suitable replacement for our espresso maker since our Bodum Granos (the second one we owned) went south on us a few months ago. It was so cool looking on the counter, when it sizzled, heated up and died I didn't even want to throw it out. I actually didn't for two weeks... ( Don't say it....I KNOW)
So, as I was searching for HOME DECOR at M&O, this stopped me in my tracks.....I fell in love...
Could this be an ESPRESSO MAKER??????? Yes!!!! and it has a name "THE DIVA"!!!

This is one of a line of very WOW appliances by Bugatti, Italy.
The line has been out for a couple of years but has evolved and increased in popularity.
To see more (the juicer is fabulous too) go

This winged beauty is a TOASTER. I, at first glance, thought it might be a deep fryer until I saw the slots....

How'd you like to slosh up some margaritas in this baby?????? Other colors for spring: the purple in the first picture, acid green, lime (pictured here), tangerine and chrome. But you want to know what sent me "Round the Bend?" This!!!!!!!!!

Yep folks this is a Diva bejeweled with none other than Swarsovski crystal!!!! I went nuts over this and Robes says "MA you don't even wear that much JEWELRY!" I am not a blingy person but this is so obscenely wonderful and ridiculous at the same time, it floats my boat. So, what happens if you lose a stone, do you take your espresso machine to your local Jeweler?????
Living in a small town in Texas I can imagine the look on their face if I walked in with one of these. I am standing with patrons who have watches and rings and I am holding a 20 lb espresso maker that needs a stone replaced. IT WOULD BE ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE LOCAL PAPER! BTW, it also makes a delicious cup of espresso as they were pulling shots out of a White one at M&O. Don't want to get the grounds stuck in the crystal one I guess........What do you think??????

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Amorino an Italian Valentine in Paris

AMORINO. GELATO ITALIANO. Get me anything from here for Valentine's Day.
Italian gelato and accroutrements in Paris. Obscene, isn't it????Doesn't Amorino mean something like love in Italian??? We live in a small town in Texas known for it's Ice Cream.
It is delicious, but not sexy. This is sexy.
This is one of their boxes of bonbons, every color and flavor.
We always get as gifts to take back home for friends. We have tried other gelato
places in Paris such as the highly recommended Pozetto. It was good but somehow didn't measure up for us. I like gelato gooey and thick with tons of flavor.

OH, by the way did I mention the CHOCOLATE??????? OOOPS!

Never mind you won't like it.....This chocolate isn't good... It doesn't look good either does it?????? NOT!

And the packaging and presentation is not pretty either, just gorgeous..... Yup, just get me anything from Amorino for Valentines day......They also have espresso, and beautiful balsamic vinegar sets..... Delightful people.....Happy Valentine's day to you!!!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

"La Carrotte" Apartement, Paris. We Miss it...

Apartement "La Carotte" certainly was a place that will forever be in our hearts. The view of Notre Dame out of our window amazed us every morning.

This is not a postcard shot. This is the actual view with the window open on a sunny day in January 2010.

Robespierre back from the Maubert market with haricots verts. Note: Chef is testing wine glasses for leakage...... and to make sure wine is A OK. He's very dedicated.

The fireplace in the living room with books and a little crown from one of the king cakes at a local patisserie.

A little plate of macaroons and sauternes our last treat before we left. Not from Laduree, but from another bakery we will expound on later in the Marais. We liked these better.

View at night......Seagrass and white slipcovers....Gold accents.

Who wouldn't be comfortable in a place like this?

Robes hard at work checking e-mails ( you can't see the wine glass.)

I forgot to rotate this before it was stored DUH but this is the bedroom fireplace.
My Apologies, just turn your head......:) Whatever...I don't blog for a living....No Arianna Huffington here thank you very much...

The bedroom with the silk fabric headboard and cherubs...

Robes bidding adieu, adieu, to you and you, and you. Already inked it for next year.
Thanks, Jenny.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Maison & Objet Libeco's Spring Collection

Libeco Lagae from Belgium had a spring collection that was livable, fresh and lively with table linens in new colors mixed with traditional ones. There is something suitable for everyone.
They have extensive colors of solid tablelinens and these were the new intros to compliment what is already in the line.

Table cloths are also offered in runners some with contrasting borders. The new colors are muted but they have brights in the line also. We carry this line at Beadboard and are very happy with the new collection.

Another shot...

This is a picnic style with a green border on a cream background.

The bedding brought in fresh new grays mixed with taupes in overlapping stripes and a new 100% linen cable knit blanket that was great.

This was my favorite. The Sisco pattern. A beachy stripe in crisp white and gray. There were also accessories in the gray white and some cushioned bistro chair covers and outdoor lounge covers. The new catalog is online, for some reason I could not link it here. Just Google Libeco home. There is a catalog on the right of the opening page. You can order from Beadboard we don't charge to ship and everyone charges the same......They wash up great and are a great mix with antique linens.......AND remember they do cut yardage in wide widths so you don't have to order as much......Less seams......

Monday, February 1, 2010

Maison Object the Latest in Linens Part One

We, at Beadboard, LOVE Bed and Table linens.
We especially love the ones made out of LINEN and cotton PERCALE.
You see a lot of the cotton sateen these days, the cotton sateen has the smoother more silk charmuse like finish. Percale, feels like your mother's cotton sheets but with todays technology and the higher thread counts they feel smooth as silk. Above, the solid color collection from French Designer Anne De Solene. Beautiful collection...Will provide more pictures and info on a blog later ...
I am sorry I don't know who this is, ( I think it's Graebel) but it looks like Europe is still into color. Even smaller companies are offering coordinating towels and sheeting in Many choices of color.

I think this is Graebel. They are doing a lot of organic cottons and note the pic stitch on the coverlets. Still very popular over there. We saw the same pic stitch at Blanc D'Ivoire.

More subtle colors in a traditional coverlet spread with diamond quilting.

This was the offering at Bellora, Lots of greys thank you very much, (love them) but WHOA!!!!!!! The buy in for this company, I was told, and I HOPE this guy just didn't know what he was saying......... was 15000 EUROS which translates into 22000 US dollars. (Most minimums are in the 1000 Euro range especially after the US Dollar went south) I verified and said are you sure?????That seems high. And frankly this wasn't WOW enough for me to even consider that kind of investment...... Maybe you'll see it at Macy's.(I don't think they'd go for this either)

The floral print on the linen duvet was pretty but we can get very similar looks here in the US.
I think this looks like the Hamptons........

Colors?????Mauve, (but mixed up with other things....) And OPRAH, are you ready for this???????? THE COLOR PURPLE IS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!! Is is dark even for summer, violet, lavender , indigo like, and portrayed with my favorite pairing, Green........

A lovely bed from Bluemarine, PLEASE NOTE, AMERICAN BED MANUFACTURERS!!!!
I love the platform bed tweaked into a more traditional mode. Yves Delorme did this last year, very successfully, a French bed but in a platform style, with cabriole legs.... There is a company we will be carrying that has platform beds like this and I will be blogging on it later, available in the US with FABULOUS Finishes and incredible grey taupe colors........ No need for box springs!!!!

Another lovely offering from Blumarine...

A little note........Swarovski crystal was everywhere... But used very tastefully, and they actually laser them on, no glue, so that they can endure the cleaning process much better..... Much more to come........The next installment Libeco Lagae and how they hit one out of the park!!!!!Also Peacock Alley, how they have reinvented themselves to be a new force in this market!!!!!!!