Saturday, February 13, 2010

Amorino an Italian Valentine in Paris

AMORINO. GELATO ITALIANO. Get me anything from here for Valentine's Day.
Italian gelato and accroutrements in Paris. Obscene, isn't it????Doesn't Amorino mean something like love in Italian??? We live in a small town in Texas known for it's Ice Cream.
It is delicious, but not sexy. This is sexy.
This is one of their boxes of bonbons, every color and flavor.
We always get as gifts to take back home for friends. We have tried other gelato
places in Paris such as the highly recommended Pozetto. It was good but somehow didn't measure up for us. I like gelato gooey and thick with tons of flavor.

OH, by the way did I mention the CHOCOLATE??????? OOOPS!

Never mind you won't like it.....This chocolate isn't good... It doesn't look good either does it?????? NOT!

And the packaging and presentation is not pretty either, just gorgeous..... Yup, just get me anything from Amorino for Valentines day......They also have espresso, and beautiful balsamic vinegar sets..... Delightful people.....Happy Valentine's day to you!!!!!


  1. Maryanne,

    Oh no - just when I thought I would get serious about 'le diet'. Fabulous shop and goodies. I am just glad they are on another continent. Happy V Day!


  2. I loved that place! It was delicious.

  3. Yummy and the shop name! Amorino, Wonderful!Happy Valentines weekend!

  4. I couldn't really spend much time looking at or reading your post today because of my famous regime. I didn't want to drool on the keyboard.

    We need to talk, right?

    Happy, happy Valentine's Day.


  5. My mouth is watering....white egg omelette will feel a little "fade" in comparison for these luscious treats.

  6. I love that place. We have one amorino in Cassis, a small harbour , near by where I live and I love it , my body a little bit less

  7. Hi Maryanne,

    Oh what a delightful shop and the treats look amazing.
    I hope that you had a wonderful Valentines Day and have a great week


  8. Delicious! How did I miss that shop, maybe next time.

  9. I am so enjoying your posts from paris, my favorite place on earth. Thank you! Stan

  10. Love their gelato and we had one of the young men layer our gelato in order to form a flower. Talk about fantasic....pretty and yummy!

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