Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Be tempted more!!!!!

"SLIP" into something comfortable!
While you're up in the area antiquing, stop in to our shop in Brenham to say hello and be tempted by the look, feel and the heavenly lusciousness of Arte Pura Italian linens.  Join us for a glass of wine.
We are at 101 S Baylor St on the "Upper East Side" of the square. 
Antiques week hours10 til 9 Tues thru Fri.  10 to 5 Sat.
Enjoy the eye candy below, imagine 32 incredible colors and 7 trims...Design it yourself.

Friday, March 25, 2011

More Temptation at Round top...

"The only thing I find hard to resist is Temptation" Oscar Wilde
Here I am being tempted again!!!!!!
Ok here's what I absconded with...... I fell in love with these birdcages......I also knew they would be perfect for a client whose home we were just putting the finishing touches.... How Cirque de Soleil are these.????
I also loved the chest....Pflugrad Antiques , At the Excess Antique show Boooth 8/9

Same place, great table oops! and the bottom of a fab clock!

This rug reminded me of one I recently saw in Cote de Texas... Love this... The colors are awesome.
Arbor antiques Fair.

Loved these chests, Chateau Antiques, at Arbor Antiques Fair.. Madgi always has great things

I sent a client of mine to look at these... Loved them! The Plaid Veranda Booth 8/9 at Excess.

More Chateau Antiques...

Loved the shape of these frames.

Oh and this was my other find........ Perfect shape.....
It got a home already too, not in mine though....Will Scout out more.....

News???? Bobo's Intriguing objects are now at Blue Hills not The Big Red Barn....
Also Mimi at Touch of Europe hit the motherlode in Belgian and French vintage linens at fabulous prices and are unloading them at their booth this minute. They will be available at La Bahia Antiques Fair opening March 26th.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Once in a Blue Moon you come across something so decidedly French but with an added bonus, HISTORY.  This Armoire belonged to Germain Bazin the curator of the LOUVRE museum (yes THAT Louvre). It is gorgeous, in fabulous condition and is for sale here at Round Top.

This is the identifacation paper of the owner,I think during moving, there are two..... Not only was Bazin the curator at the Louvre but after that he left to be in charge of all restoration of paintings at the National Museum of France.
He has written 32 books on art subjects.... Died in 1990 at the age of 88.

The small sign on the outside placed by the seller.....

The cover of one of his many books......

One more look...

OH, ENLARGE THIS IF YOU CAN, this is the other id tag placed on the inside of the Bonnet of the armoire which is usually removeable.  It is upside down. You can see the roof of the tent in the bottom of the image.  Evidently this piece was #13 being moved to or from the Louvre.
As of 3PM this afternoon it was still there..... If you have an interest, It is at Arbor Antiques, next to Chateau Antiques.  The vendor is Chad Smith a delightful chap, 850-384-1611.  I think the price is right for this piece I would have bought but I had other priorities......I just want to see this armoire get a good home with an individual that appreciates it........How would this look in YOUR home....???? By the way if you aren't aware do you know why these tall French cabinets were called "armoires"???
Because they were built to hold ARMS, that's right, weapons, long guns....Hence the name.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Temptation..Texas Style

Ok here we go again....... Round Top, the Biggest Euro Country Antiques fair is upon us again....These tempted me.......Great Bargains? Sometime... Sometimes not.   Especially when you are buying chairs and sofa frames to reupholster.....Make sure you or your designer (if you are paying for her to go with you HEHE)  get down and inspect underneath and all over to look for cracks, repairs, wobbling, solidity, and pick it up for weight.....Once an upholsterer starts  removing nails and pounding in new ones it can affect the piece if THEY don't know what they are doing. Some repairs are not going to be huge..... But .......

I lusted after this Swedish Chest....Perfect shape!!!!! I wanted to Mortgage the HOUSE!!!!!
Common sense prevailed and I didn't.... We couldn't live in here........

These are all shots I took last year.... It is clear the popularity of this is staggering... Also, if you are shopping for yourself or with your designer.... Start doing your homework.  A good place to start is http://www.roundtopchamberofcommerce.org/ .  It is the local chamber site and will give you the schedule of what fairs open when............Also there are links to the participants with pictures of things they feature.
Also just because something is beautiful doesn't mean you don't have to look it over CAREFULLY .
This piece Tempted me......  It tempted my client more, she bought it......RATS!

These always tempt me..... Always ask if it is hand powered or "Quartzed" . 
Personal preference is the key " Quartzed" means it has been set up for a battery to power the clock, no winding......  A Pendulum is preferable.... if it is hand powered then the pendulum moves the hands with the weights.  You want SOMETHING in that window you are spending four figures for. Also some faces are original and some are printed replicas.........

Above All have fun, Eat Bar B Que, drink Texas Beer, and enjoy yourself,
And our beautiful wildflowers that grace us in the spring. And when you are POOPED, windblown, sunburned and need a break let us tempt YOU by knowing we are close with TLC,  fluffy sofas, serving wine Tues through Fri til 8:30 or 9. And you can get your first glimpse and feel of Arte Pura.....

ADVICE!!!!!!! Don't come with 5 friends in an SUV!!! Unless you are only shopping for jewelry...!!!!!
The first thing someone wants is something that doesn't fit in the vehicle and everybody gets pissy.
Don't wear flip flops, havianas,you know beach shoes... There are fire ants, cow poop, (we call them "pies") just use common sense and bring a cooler with your favorite stuff......;)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Changing it up!

We're Back, Fresh and new!!!
Here we are, the little shop that could, IS.!!!.......Welcome to the new look of the fresh UpCountry style that is Beadboard!!!!!!!!!  We would like to thank Shari Miller of Little Blue Deer ( who is our Dear) who offered to do our website as well as our blog... If you think this change rocks, just click on the WEBSITE side bar, and get a glass of wine and put your feet up......YOU can now be HERE!

Oh and here is the ( I know I said this phrase before....the Spring Mix), but this is the Spring Mix of Arte Pura!!!! The new Armonia Old mottled linen is incredible with grays, whites, ivories, and whatever else you come up with.....

Bench is custom by Beadboard with fabric by Papillon Linens........


A lamp and vintage tile by a Directoire style chair with a Posh Petal pillow.

More  gorgeous pillows dress up a simple cotton duck slipcover sofa. 
 All linen and some with linen and Aqua Boucle.

The candelabra by Arte Italica with the silver and pearl tapers.....(It's so hard to find good candles in the sticks)

There it is, the EVENTO slipcover,  the one that has caused a parade of chairs coming in here!  It is like the Glass Slipper Slipcover! It fits 80% of side chairs and looks custom made!  You can adjust it by Ruching up the bottom and the seams on the bottom..... Amazing design..Oh and 32 colors.... Yawn.

This is the Arte Pura in the back of the store.   OMG ! Is this Velvet in Spring...???? Yup.
 I guess you could call it velvet and linen. A reversible bedspread /coverlet that has cotton sheeting on the underside that feels so good I really don't know what the thread count is, and along with the customers who have touched it, I don't CARE! Can you say Butter?


Friday, March 18, 2011

Test Post

Test post for new blog!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring!!!!Chez Beadboard..

It was such a beautiful day I wanted to take some
photos of my Spring window. Alas! My windows are tinted so everything came outside...
Here is table set for one (Joni hates when I do that) but it's a 30" round so what are you going to do......We made the tableskirt out of Milkpaint White pre washed linen... Over it is a square Arte Pura tablecloth in the pinky beige Polevere Old with Crochet lace trim. OMG! Are there some Carolyn Quartermaine Pale Pink Irish Linen chairs with gold script????
Mais OUI!!!!

The table setting is a "Spring Mix", not to be confused with salad in a box...
Runner is Arte Pura. Victtoria Glass with gold rim, and the Veronica Flatware Pewter and stainless by Arte Italica. Dinnerware is Juliska, Bamboo mixed with Berry and Thread. One candle, Eiffel Tower shaped, Point a la Ligne.

And the thing that makes it rock??????? The Silk Shitake "shrooms" in spring colors
By Hot Skwash!!!
Daria has taken stems from her famous Velvet Pumpkins and inverted some of the stems making these delectable Shitake Mushrooms also signed in gold script. So now I am officially OVER the EGG thing....... And, the question is what came first the gold script shitakes or the gold script chairs???????? Hmmmmm...
What do you think?????

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Maison Pedderey: Belgian Spring

Always a pleasure to visit here.. Maison Pedderey's presentation at market in Paris.
This Belgian company never disappoints. I blogged on this last year, so today I will just let you start your weekend by enjoying these images of their glass, furniture, baskets.....