Friday, March 25, 2011

More Temptation at Round top...

"The only thing I find hard to resist is Temptation" Oscar Wilde
Here I am being tempted again!!!!!!
Ok here's what I absconded with...... I fell in love with these birdcages......I also knew they would be perfect for a client whose home we were just putting the finishing touches.... How Cirque de Soleil are these.????
I also loved the chest....Pflugrad Antiques , At the Excess Antique show Boooth 8/9

Same place, great table oops! and the bottom of a fab clock!

This rug reminded me of one I recently saw in Cote de Texas... Love this... The colors are awesome.
Arbor antiques Fair.

Loved these chests, Chateau Antiques, at Arbor Antiques Fair.. Madgi always has great things

I sent a client of mine to look at these... Loved them! The Plaid Veranda Booth 8/9 at Excess.

More Chateau Antiques...

Loved the shape of these frames.

Oh and this was my other find........ Perfect shape.....
It got a home already too, not in mine though....Will Scout out more.....

News???? Bobo's Intriguing objects are now at Blue Hills not The Big Red Barn....
Also Mimi at Touch of Europe hit the motherlode in Belgian and French vintage linens at fabulous prices and are unloading them at their booth this minute. They will be available at La Bahia Antiques Fair opening March 26th.


  1. Birdcages... make my heart sing! Those are really different from the ordinary one's I've seen. Beautiful! I also love the area rug. Those patterns and colors are so pretty.

    Where are the fairs located at? When traveling I'm always looking for fairs and flea markets in lue of shopping malls. :) Way more fun to be around dusty old stuff.


  2. OOOh Shannon! If I tell you I will not be doing you a favor..... I will email ........ Also look at my two past blogs, it will be helpful...;)Maryanne

  3. the light fixtures did it for me!!!

    the rest is all beutiful....
    but i love funky.

    xx happy weekend

  4. Some beautiful finds! Can't wait to go exploring. Round Top is really something special!

  5. Maryanne,
    I love that rug here! Just beautiful colors! And the outside bench I would love to have to place in our garden!
    Wish you and Peter a nice weekend! And thank you so much for your nice comment on the interview at Mona's blog!

  6. My chere, chere Maryanne,

    Your new look is stunning. Your taste, well, it's not as if I/we didn't know this of course is exquisite. I would kill for that tapi. The colors would be beautiful in our bedroom.

    Are you sure you're not French?


  7. Thanks Tish! Of course I'm French!Ahem!

  8. Greetings to you dear Maryanne. Well what can I say, your blog looks absolutely amazing as does your website. Shari is a talented lady and you picked the perfect person to put all your gorgeousness in one perfect package. Congratulations!
    So hard to believe it was Round Top time. If I had ever made it I know I'd suffer a cardiac infarction. I've had my head in the sand with our Em home from college break, my father got a chance to visit our home for the first time and so on...Time for Deb to pull her head out of my ...and say hello & catch-up. I miss you and please greet Robes hello from me as well. I hope to see you sooner than later!

    Big hug xx Deb

  9. Thanks Maryanne! We're having fun and enjoying the fantastic weather, and Excess had some gorgeous stuff as you know - we shopped a lot! We've been shopping our own venue too and found goodies here also, it's just great everywhere this Spring. Hugs,

  10. Adore those birdcages!!

    Maryanne,I have a new giveaway up I think you will love…from The Zhush!

    Art by Karena

  11. Maryanne, Love the new look! It is perfect for you and your style, and to think a few years ago we met and you said "hmmmm.....may I will start a blog, too!"

    What a beautiful and entertaining blog you now have. Love your treasures from Round Top! xo Ann

  12. Lucky you to have the opportunity to choose among all those great antiques!!! I need to go there...
    hugs my dear

  13. Round Top looks like such a great trip. I'd get into so much trouble! Keeps sharing your great finds.

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